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A 68000 Forth designed for the Sega Megadrive.

Currently, it requires the SGDK and only builds on Windows.

Controls (6-button isn't required but helps):

  • A - Set character at cursor to A
  • B - Delete character in front of cursor
  • C - Insert space at cursor
  • X - show possible words based on prefix starting where the cursor is pointing (shows one suggestion per button press)
  • Y - enable on-screen keyboard
  • Z - hold to allow left-right movement in keyboard mode.
  • Mode - Starts or completes word definitions by inserting ";" or ":" based on state. This is done on a line-by-line basis, it doesn't keep track of the state of the interpreter. Don't use with multi-line definitions.
  • Start - send line to interpreter

Building (requires GNU make):

make -f SGDK/makefile.gen