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Super simple IRC bot for announcing commits pushed to a git repository.

  • gitbot.rb is a simple IRC bot that echoes everything written to a fifo.

  • post-receive is a git hook that will write info about one or more pushed commits to a fifo.

Pushing two commits will be announced in the following manner:

01:23 < gitbot> 2 commit(s) pushed to foo.git on branch 'master':
01:23 < gitbot> 544208a by Bob: Fixed bug 16
01:23 < gitbot> 025578a by Alice: Optimized Foo::Bar

By copying the post-receive hook into /your/git/repo/.git/hooks and configuring both gitbot.rb and post-receive to use the same fifo (default is /tmp/gitbotfifo), the bot will announce new commits that are pushed to the repo(s) which use the post-receive hook. You probably want to run the bot inside tmux, GNU screen or similar. gitbot.rb will attempt to create the fifo if it does not exist.

The IRC code is based on a bot by Kevin Glowacz: