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2.0 (2-17-2008)
* [Ben Wyrosdick] - Added a migration helper that gives migration scripts a <tt>userstamps</tt>
* [Marshall Roch] - Stamping can be temporarily turned off using the 'without_stamps' class
Post.without_stamps do
post = Post.find(params[:id])
* Models that should receive updates made by 'stampers' now use the acts_as_stampable class
method. This sets up the belongs_to relationships and also injects private methods for use by
the individual callback filter methods.
* Models that are responsible for updating now use the acts_as_stamper class method. This
injects the stamper= and stamper methods that are thread safe and should be updated per
request by a controller.
* The Userstamp module is now meant to be included with one of your project's controllers (the
Application Controller is recommended). It creates a before filter called 'set_stampers' that
is responsible for setting all the current Stampers.
1.0 (01-18-2006)
* Initial Release