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This are the integration tests for the projects

Have a look at:

they start at integration level

you can use the gem kitchen-sharedtests

to make them available to your project. Use thor kitchen:fetch-remote-tests to put the repo into test/integration

you can target the integration tests to any host were you have ssh access

rake -T gives you a list of suites you can run (well ignore directories which are obviously not suites for now)

± rake -T
rake serverspec:data_bags  # Run serverspec suite data_bags
rake serverspec:default    # Run serverspec suite default

run it with:

bundle install

# default user and ssh-key

bundle exec rake serverspec:default target_host=<name-or-ip-of-target-server>

# or with user, host, password

ASK_LOGIN_PASSWORD=true bundle exec rake serverspec:default target_host= user=stack