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This is a simple Flask ( application demonstrating exposing a MongoDB baced API. The application will store and retrieve data from MongoDB as well as perform simple IP-based throttling (configurable via a decorator).


  • Create virtualenv (mkvirtualenv apiexample or virtualenv --no-site-packages apiexample)
  • Activate virtualenv and install requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Start MongoDB and Redis (application uses default ports and db #12 for redis)
  • Start app: python
  • Application should now be running on


Insert data to MongoDB:

curl -v -d "test=123&moretesting=456" localhost:5000/

You will get a response (in JSON) like:

  "r_id": "1329142610"

Retrieve data from MongoDB:

curl localhost:5000/1329142610

You will get a response (in JSON) like:

  "_id": {"$oid": "4f391b52db487d114b000001"}, 
  "data": {"moretesting": ["456"], 
  "test": ["123"]}, 
  "r_id": "1329142610"


To test throttling, simply perform a series of requests against the throttled url. By default, the / url is limited to 50 req/20 sec and the /visitors url is limited to 10 req/20 sec.

curl localhost:5000/visitors    (x15 in under 20 seconds)

You will get a response (in JSON) like:

  "status": "fail", 
  "response": "Over limit ; try again later"


There are some basic default tests in One performs a simple request on the / url, checking for HTTP status code. The other performs a request on /visitors checking content.

To run the tests:

python -v