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Linux container management. Crate uses Fabric to manage remote hosts. Currently tested on Ubuntu 12.04. Similar to the spectacular but written in Python and intended for remote hosts.

Crate is designed to be a wrapper around Linux containers and use the already existing lxc-tools. For example, crate will use the existing methods for building images. There are no "pre-built" images to download. This is done for security purposes -- you build the containers you want.


Using a virtualenv is preferred.

Crate is still in development so install directly from Github:

pip install


All operations are intended for remote hosts. The remote host must also have Linux Container (lxc) support. For Ubuntu (only 12.04 tested) this is as easy as apt-get install lxc.

Crate will help in creating, destroying, exporting, port forwarding, etc. Linux containers.

To see a list of operations run crate -h


A Vagrant config is also provided for development and testing. Simply vagrant up to get a working environment.

More Info

For detailed documentation on topics such as advanced usage, base containers, etc. see here.