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Gearbox is a tool for bootstrapping OpenShift pre-built applications. With gearbox you can view a list of template applications such as Django, Drupal, and many more (run gb -l for a complete list).


Gearbox is written in Python. Run pip install


List Templates

To list available application templates run:

gb -l

Name                      Author               Type            Description
django                    openshift            python-2.6      Default latest stable version of Django
flask                     openshift            python-2.6      Default install of Flask
reviewboard               openshift            python-2.6      Example install of Reviewboard
sinatra                   openshift            ruby-1.8        Example install of Sinatra
nodejs                    openshift            nodejs-0.6      Example install of Node.js
etherpad                  openshift            nodejs-0.6      Example install of Etherpad
drupal                    openshift            php-5.3         Example install of Drupal

Create Application

To create an application:

gb -n <your_app_name> -t <template_name>

For example:

gb -n mydjango -t django

This will create a new OpenShift application named mydjango, create any OpenShift cartridges needed by the app, set the upstream repo to the sample, pull in the changes, and finally push and deploy the app to OpenShift.


Many thanks to the OpenShift team for all of the great work on the product -- and especially for open sourcing it :)

Help & contributing

If you need help, you can find me on IRC (ehazlett on freenode) or shoot me a message here. Pull-requests also welcome :)