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Ehcache-JCache For Ehcache 2.x.

Important: This project isn't maintained anymore as Ehcache 2.x will slowly retire. Please consider migrating to Ehcache 3.x which has built-in JSR107 support.


ehcache-jcache is a full implementation of the API and SPI from JSR-107 (aka JCache). It provides a wrapper around an Ehcache cache that allows allows you to use Ehcache as the caching provider using only JSR-107 APIs.

More detailed information about how to use this is found under the ehcache-jcache module


  • ehcache-jcache This contains the ehcache-jcache implementation
  • jcache-tck-runner This runs the JSR107 TCK suite against the ehcache-jcache implementation to verify compliance with the spec.


  • Just run the following command line (provided you have maven 3 already installed) :

    mvn clean install

  • You may want to disable the run-tck profile (if you don't have the TCK in your local maven repository since it's not published to a maven repository) :

    mvn clean install -P -run-tck

  • Current build status: Build Status

Build Status


Active development of the ehcache-jcache module follows changes to the spec. There will be no attempt to maintain backwards compatibility between release versions; the focus of each release will be compliance with the latest JSR107 spec.


Following releases of the JSR107 spec APIs, an updated release milestone will be released and the latest stable release code will sit on the master branch of the ehcache-jcache github repository.

Issue tracker

Please log issues to:


This software is provided under an Apache 2 open source license, read the LICENSE.txt file for details.


This free, open source software was made possible by Terracotta, Inc.. See the CONTRIBUTORS.markdown file for details.


Copyright (c) Terracotta

Using it


Releases are available from Maven Central.

Snapshots are available from the Sonatype OSS snapshot repository. In order to access the snapshots, you need to add the following repository to your pom.xml:

    <name>Sonatype Nexus Snapshots</name>


The Ehcache 2.x implementation of JSR107 (JCACHE)




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