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Ehcache 3 developer wiki

Developer, be welcome!

This wiki contains all design documents and other related material to doing development on Ehcache, not using Ehcache! If you are a developer that wants to get involved in developing new features, fixing bugs, extend the existing or implement a new module based on the Ehcache3 SPIs, this is the place you’ve been looking for. Be welcome!

How to contribute?


On paper (or on this screen), it’s pretty straight forward:

  1. Join the developer mailing list and say hello! Or join us on irc #ehcache on freenode

  2. Check the issues and verify what you want isn’t yet planned or could even already being worked on by someone; We’re also using a board on, where work for the current milestone is prioritized;

  3. If the task exists already and isn’t assigned: drop us an email on the developer mailing list about it and we’ll make sure we help you getting started and we’ll assign the task/issue to you;

  4. If nothing matches in the existing issue list, create a bug as such; or, if we’re talking about a larger task or feature, drop us a message first, and we’ll see how to tackle it;

  5. Fork the project to your own repository and get started (you probably want to work on a dedicated branch);

  6. Rebase your fork and do a pull request. We’ll use that to code review it (see git usage page as well as the developer guidelines)

  7. Be rich and famous!

Now, the doing the work part might be a little more challenging, and we don’t provide any guarantees as to becoming rich…​ but you’ll be famous to us!

Contributor agreement

In order to accept any contribution, we will need you to fill out and mail the Individual Contributor Agreement at

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