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Experimental shared REPL (read-eval-print loop) for fun and profit!

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Alpha version, many bugs, no tests, shame on me, told you.

Ever opened up a clojure repl or a webkit inspector console and wanted to share it with your firends? No? Well, now you can!

multi-repl spawns an arbitrary REPL (read-eval-print loop) process and exposes it to the web. Everyone goes into the same process (for now). Yarrr, it's a huge deathmatch!

You win the game if you manage to lock everyone else out.

Getting started

Please use npm >1.0.1rc0

cd multi-repl
npm install
node server.js
open http://localhost:1337

Obvious word of caution

Be careful about who you give access to the service. There are no filters or permissions (yet)!


Expose a list of connected users inside the REPL session

For JS this could look like:

// Initially
repl.write("window.MultiRepl = { users: {} };\n");

// When someone connects
socket.on('connection', function(client){
    var sid = client.sessionId;
    repl.write('window.MultiRepl.users[' + sid + '] = { ip: '' }';');

Basically it's about exposing the nature of multi-repl inside the repl. Could be fun.

Ability to spawn different REPLs and more than one session

Quick idea for possible feature & URL design:


Ideas for examples

Chat between to terminals using curl with named (lazy) pipes

List of REPLs

Here's a list of some REPLs which could be integrated into the UI. Diverging homebrew/pip/gem package names are next to the repl's name.

  • clj (clojure)
  • ghci (ghc)
  • ipython
  • irb (ruby)
  • js (spidermonkey)
  • node
  • python
  • sbcl
  • v8
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