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muwu - Markup Writeup

compile markdown files from a human-readable outline

(c) 2020 Eli Harrison

"Maybe WYSIWYG is not WYW."

About Muwu

Muwu was created in response to dissatisfaction with commercial word processors, particularly the poor support for exporting to HTML.

  • Muwu starts with the outline.
    • Easy to rearrange your project.
    • Develop your project using smaller, manageable files.
    • Organize your project to your needs.
    • Use your favorite text editor!
  • Muwu can make a table of contents.
    • Hyperlink your document.
    • Automatic section numbering.
  • Muwu reads Markdown.
    • Simple syntax.
    • Focus on the text now, save the formatting for later!
  • Muwu reads Haml.
    • Just in case Markdown isn't enough.
  • Muwu reads YAML.
    • Simple syntax for the project outline, project metadata, and project options.
  • Muwu writes HTML5 and CSS3.
    • Flexible rendering for screen and print media.
    • Does not use inline style= attributes.

Maybe you don't know the page size for which a work will be destined. Maybe there is no page. Maybe a project is still deep in development, and it's too soon to be thinking about fonts, formatting, margins, spacing, and styles. Maybe what-you-see-is-what-you-get is not what you want.

Installing Muwu

To install Muwu as a gem, use the command:

gem install muwu --version '3.1.0'

License and Disclaimer

  • Muwu is licensed for use under the GNU GPLv3.
  • Muwu is provided as-is, with absolutely no guarantees or warranties.

Command Line

muwu : Show the version number and a summary of commands.

muwu compile : Compile all parts of the project.

muwu compile css : Compile only the stylesheet for the project.

muwu compile html : Compile all HTML files.

muwu compile html [index] : Compile only the HTML file with the given index number.

muwu compile js : Compile any Javascript files.

muwu concat : Concatenate all source files, including section number and outline heading.

muwu help : Show the version number and a summary of commands.

muwu help [command] : Show more detailed help for the given command.

muwu inspect : Display the project options, the compiler manifest, index numbers of HTML files, and any exceptions.

muwu new : Create a new project as a subdirectory within the current working directory.

muwu publish : Publish the compiled project to a remote location. (requires rsync)

muwu reset compiled : Erase the contents of the compiled folder

muwu reset css : Return the initial CSS files to their original contents.

muwu sync pull [options] : Synchronize the project from a remote location. (requires rsync)

muwu sync push [options] : Synchronize the project to a remote location. (requires rsync)

muwu view : View the compiled project. (requires lynx)


User guide:


MarkUp WriteUp - authorship tool to compile markdown files from a human-readable outline






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