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# coding=utf-8
import datetime
import logging
import pickle
import time
from contextlib import suppress
from functools import partial
from typing import List, Optional, Tuple, Dict, Collection, TYPE_CHECKING
from peewee import Model, TextField, DateTimeField, CharField, DoesNotExist, fn, BlobField
from playhouse.sqliteq import SqliteQueueDatabase
from playhouse.migrate import SqliteMigrator, migrate
from telegram import Message
from typing_extensions import TypedDict
from ehforwarderbot import Message as EFBMessage
from ehforwarderbot import utils, Channel, coordinator, MsgType
from ehforwarderbot.message import Substitutions, MessageCommands, MessageAttribute
from ehforwarderbot.types import ModuleID, ChatID, MessageID, ReactionName
from .chat_object_cache import ChatObjectCacheManager
from .message import ETMMsg
from .msg_type import TGMsgType
from .utils import TelegramChatID, EFBChannelChatIDStr, TgChatMsgIDStr, message_id_to_str, \
chat_id_to_str, OldMsgID, chat_id_str_to_id, TelegramMessageID
from . import TelegramChannel
from .chat import ETMChatMember, ETMChatType
database = SqliteQueueDatabase(None, autostart=False)
PickledDict = TypedDict('PickledDict', {
"target": EFBChannelChatIDStr,
"is_system": bool,
"attributes": MessageAttribute,
"commands": MessageCommands,
"substitutions": Dict[Tuple[int, int], EFBChannelChatIDStr],
"reactions": Dict[ReactionName, Collection[EFBChannelChatIDStr]]
}, total=False)
Dict entries for ``pickle`` field of ``msglog`` log.
- ``target``: ``master_msg_id`` of the target message
- ``is_system``
- ``attributes``
- ``commands``
- ``substitutions``: ``Dict[Tuple[int, int], SlaveChatID]``
- ``reactions``: ``Dict[str, Collection[SlaveChatID]]``
class BaseModel(Model):
class Meta:
database = database
class ChatAssoc(BaseModel):
master_uid = TextField()
slave_uid = TextField()
class MsgLog(BaseModel):
master_msg_id = TextField(unique=True, primary_key=True)
"""Message ID from Telegram."""
master_msg_id_alt = TextField(null=True)
"""Editable message ID from Telegram if ``master_msg_id`` is not editable
and a separate one is sent.
slave_message_id = TextField()
"""Message from slave channel."""
text = TextField()
"""Text in the message."""
slave_origin_uid = TextField()
"""Channel + chat ID of chat the message is sent to."""
slave_origin_display_name = TextField(null=True)
slave_member_uid = TextField(null=True)
"""Module + chat ID of the user that sent the message in slave channel.
Can be ``blueset.telegram __self__``."""
slave_member_display_name = TextField(null=True)
media_type = TextField(null=True)
"""Message type in Telegram."""
mime = TextField(null=True)
"""MIME type of attachment."""
file_id = TextField(null=True)
"""File ID of attachment in Telegram."""
file_unique_id = TextField(null=True)
"""Unique file ID of attachment in Telegram."""
msg_type = TextField()
"""Message type in EFB framework."""
pickle = BlobField(null=True)
"""Miscellaneous data serialized with ``pickle``, per spec in
sent_to = TextField()
"""Module ID of the message sent to."""
time = DateTimeField(, null=True)
"""Time of the message sent."""
def build_etm_msg(self, chat_manager: ChatObjectCacheManager,
recur: bool = True) -> ETMMsg:
c_module, c_id, _ = chat_id_str_to_id(self.slave_origin_uid)
a_module, a_id, a_grp = chat_id_str_to_id(self.slave_member_uid)
chat: 'ETMChatType' = chat_manager.get_chat(c_module, c_id, build_dummy=True)
author: 'ETMChatMember' = chat_manager.get_chat_member(a_module, a_grp, a_id, build_dummy=True) # type: ignore
msg = ETMMsg(
mime=self.mime or None,
file_id=self.file_id or None,
with suppress(NameError):
to_module = coordinator.get_module_by_id(self.sent_to)
if isinstance(to_module, Channel):
msg.deliver_to = to_module
# - ``target``: ``master_msg_id`` of the target message
# - ``is_system``
# - ``attributes``
# - ``commands``
# - ``substitutions``: ``Dict[Tuple[int, int], SlaveChatID]``
# - ``reactions``: ``Dict[str, Collection[SlaveChatID]]``
if self.pickle:
misc_data: PickledDict = pickle.loads(self.pickle)
if 'target' in misc_data and recur:
target_row = self.get_or_none(MsgLog.master_msg_id == misc_data['target'])
if target_row: = target_row.build_etm_msg(chat_manager, recur=False)
if 'is_system' in misc_data:
msg.is_system = misc_data['is_system']
if 'attributes' in misc_data:
msg.attributes = misc_data['attributes']
if 'commands' in misc_data:
msg.commands = misc_data['commands']
if 'substitutions' in misc_data:
subs = Substitutions({})
for sk, sv in misc_data['substitutions'].items():
module_id, chat_id, group_id = chat_id_str_to_id(sv)
if group_id:
subs[sk] = chat_manager.get_chat_member(module_id, group_id, chat_id, build_dummy=True)
subs[sk] = chat_manager.get_chat(module_id, chat_id, build_dummy=True)
msg.substitutions = subs
if 'reactions' in misc_data:
reactions: Dict[ReactionName, List[ETMChatMember]] = {}
for rk, rv in misc_data['reactions'].items():
reactions[rk] = []
for idx in rv:
module_id, chat_id, group_id = chat_id_str_to_id(idx)
reactions[rk].append(chat_manager.get_chat_member(module_id, group_id, chat_id, build_dummy=True)) # type: ignore
msg.reactions = reactions
return msg
class SlaveChatInfo(BaseModel):
slave_channel_id = TextField()
slave_channel_emoji = CharField()
slave_chat_uid = TextField()
slave_chat_group_id = TextField(null=True)
slave_chat_name = TextField()
slave_chat_alias = TextField(null=True)
slave_chat_type = CharField()
pickle = BlobField(null=True)
class DatabaseManager:
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
FAIL_FLAG = '__fail__'
def __init__(self, channel: 'TelegramChannel'):
base_path = utils.get_data_path(channel.channel_id)
self.logger.debug("Loading database...")
database.init(str(base_path / 'tgdata.db'))
self.logger.debug("Database loaded.")
self.logger.debug("Checking database migration...")
if not ChatAssoc.table_exists():
msg_log_columns = { for i in database.get_columns("msglog")}
slave_chat_info_columns = { for i in database.get_columns("slavechatinfo")}
if "file_id" not in msg_log_columns:
elif "pickle" not in msg_log_columns:
elif "slave_chat_group_id" not in slave_chat_info_columns:
elif "file_unique_id" not in msg_log_columns:
self.logger.debug("Database migration finished...")
def stop_worker(self):
def _create():
Initializing tables.
database.create_tables([ChatAssoc, MsgLog, SlaveChatInfo])
def _migrate(i: int):
Run migrations.
i: Migration ID
migrator = SqliteMigrator(database)
if i <= 0:
# Migration 0: Add media file ID and editable message ID
# 2019JAN08
migrator.add_column("msglog", "file_id", MsgLog.file_id),
migrator.add_column("msglog", "media_type", MsgLog.media_type),
migrator.add_column("msglog", "mime", MsgLog.mime),
migrator.add_column("msglog", "master_msg_id_alt", MsgLog.master_msg_id_alt)
if i <= 1:
# Migration 1: Add pickle objects to MsgLog and SlaveChatInfo
# 2019JUL24
migrator.add_column("msglog", "pickle", MsgLog.pickle),
migrator.add_column("slavechatinfo", "pickle", SlaveChatInfo.pickle)
if i <= 2:
# Migration 2: Add column for group ID to slave chat info table
# 2019NOV18
migrator.add_column("slavechatinfo", "slave_chat_group_id", SlaveChatInfo.slave_chat_group_id)
if i <= 3:
# Migration 3: Add column for unique file ID to message log table
# 2019NOV18
migrator.add_column("msglog", "file_unique_id", MsgLog.file_unique_id)
def add_chat_assoc(self, master_uid: EFBChannelChatIDStr,
slave_uid: EFBChannelChatIDStr,
multiple_slave: bool = False):
Add chat associations (chat links).
One Master channel with many Slave channel.
master_uid (str): Master chat UID ("%(chat_id)s")
slave_uid (str): Slave channel UID ("%(channel_id)s.%(chat_id)s")
multiple_slave: Allow linking to multiple slave channels.
if not multiple_slave:
return ChatAssoc.create(master_uid=master_uid, slave_uid=slave_uid)
def remove_chat_assoc(master_uid: Optional[EFBChannelChatIDStr] = None,
slave_uid: Optional[EFBChannelChatIDStr] = None):
Remove chat associations (chat links).
Only one parameter is to be provided.
master_uid (str): Master chat UID ("%(chat_id)s")
slave_uid (str): Slave channel UID ("%(channel_id)s.%(chat_id)s")
if bool(master_uid) == bool(slave_uid):
raise ValueError("Only one parameter is to be provided.")
elif master_uid:
return ChatAssoc.delete().where(ChatAssoc.master_uid == master_uid).execute()
elif slave_uid:
return ChatAssoc.delete().where(ChatAssoc.slave_uid == slave_uid).execute()
except DoesNotExist:
return 0
def get_master_msg_id(message: EFBMessage) -> Optional[EFBChannelChatIDStr]:
"""Get master message ID from a message object."""
log: Optional[MsgLog] = MsgLog.get_or_none(
MsgLog.slave_origin_uid == chat_id_to_str(,
MsgLog.slave_message_id == message.uid
if log:
return log.master_msg_id
return None
def pickle_misc_msg(self, message: EFBMessage) -> Optional[bytes]:
"""Pickle miscellaneous information of a message.
Since 2.0.0b34, this would be a dict that reflects the following
attributes of an ``EFBMessage``/``ETMMsg`` object.
- ``target``: ``master_msg_id`` of the target message
- ``is_system``
- ``attributes``
- ``commands``
- ``substitutions``: ``Dict[Tuple[int, int], SlaveChatID]``
- ``reactions``: ``Dict[str, Collection[SlaveChatID]]``
data: PickledDict = {}
if message.is_system:
data['is_system'] = message.is_system
if message.attributes:
data['attributes'] = message.attributes
if message.commands:
data['commands'] = message.commands
if message.substitutions:
data['substitutions'] = {
k: chat_id_to_str(chat=v)
for k, v in message.substitutions.items()
if message.reactions:
data['reactions'] = {
k: tuple(chat_id_to_str(chat=i) for i in v)
for k, v in message.reactions.items()
target_id = self.get_master_msg_id(
if target_id:
data['target'] = target_id
if data:
return pickle.dumps(data)
return None
def get_chat_assoc(master_uid: Optional[EFBChannelChatIDStr] = None,
slave_uid: Optional[EFBChannelChatIDStr] = None
) -> List[EFBChannelChatIDStr]:
Get chat association (chat link) information.
Only one parameter is to be provided.
master_uid (str): Master channel UID ("%(chat_id)s")
slave_uid (str): Slave channel UID ("%(channel_id)s.%(chat_id)s")
list: The counterpart ID.
if bool(master_uid) == bool(slave_uid):
raise ValueError("Only one parameter is to be provided.")
elif master_uid:
slaves =, ChatAssoc.master_uid)\
.where(ChatAssoc.master_uid == master_uid)
if len(slaves) > 0:
return [i.slave_uid for i in slaves]
return []
elif slave_uid:
masters =, ChatAssoc.master_uid)\
.where(ChatAssoc.slave_uid == slave_uid)
if len(masters) > 0:
return [i.master_uid for i in masters]
return []
return []
except DoesNotExist:
return []
def add_or_update_message_log(self,
msg: ETMMsg,
master_message: Message,
old_message_id: Optional[OldMsgID] = None):
"""Add or update a message into the database."""
master_msg_id = message_id_to_str(TelegramChatID(master_message.chat_id), TelegramMessageID(master_message.message_id))
master_msg_id_alt = None
self.logger.debug("[%s] Received message logging request of %s", master_msg_id, msg.uid)
if old_message_id is not None:
old_message_id_str = message_id_to_str(*old_message_id)
if master_msg_id != old_message_id_str:
self.logger.debug("[%s] Message has an old ID: %s", master_msg_id, old_message_id_str)
master_msg_id, master_msg_id_alt = old_message_id_str, master_msg_id
row: MsgLog
r = MsgLog.get_or_none(MsgLog.master_msg_id == master_msg_id)
if r is not None:
row = r
save =
self.logger.debug("[%s] Message record is found in database, update it", master_msg_id)
row = MsgLog()
save = partial(, force_insert=True)
self.logger.debug("[%s] Message record is not found in database, insert it", master_msg_id)
row.master_msg_id = master_msg_id
row.master_msg_id_alt = master_msg_id_alt
row.text = msg.text
row.slave_origin_uid = chat_id_to_str(
row.slave_member_uid = chat_id_to_str(
row.msg_type =
row.sent_to = msg.deliver_to.channel_id
row.slave_message_id = msg.uid or f"{self.FAIL_FLAG}.{time.time()}"
row.media_type = msg.type_telegram.value
row.file_id = msg.file_id
row.file_unique_id = msg.file_unique_id
row.mime = msg.mime
pickle_data = self.pickle_misc_msg(msg)
if pickle_data:
row.pickle = pickle_data
result = save()
self.logger.debug("[%s] Database insert/update outcome: %s", master_msg_id, result)
def get_msg_log(master_msg_id: Optional[TgChatMsgIDStr] = None,
slave_msg_id: Optional[MessageID] = None,
slave_origin_uid: Optional[EFBChannelChatIDStr] = None) -> Optional[MsgLog]:
"""Get message log by message ID.
master_msg_id: Telegram message ID in string
slave_msg_id: Slave message identifier in string
slave_origin_uid: Slave chat identifier in string
Optional[MsgLog]: The queried entry, None if not exist.
if (master_msg_id and (slave_msg_id or slave_origin_uid)) \
or not (master_msg_id or (slave_msg_id or slave_origin_uid)):
raise ValueError('master_msg_id and slave_msg_id is mutual exclusive')
if not master_msg_id and not (slave_msg_id and slave_origin_uid):
raise ValueError('slave_msg_id and slave_origin_uid must exists together.')
if master_msg_id:
return == master_msg_id) \
return == slave_msg_id) &
(MsgLog.slave_origin_uid == slave_origin_uid)
except DoesNotExist:
return None
def delete_msg_log(master_msg_id: Optional[TgChatMsgIDStr] = None,
slave_msg_id: Optional[EFBChannelChatIDStr] = None,
slave_origin_uid: Optional[EFBChannelChatIDStr] = None):
"""Remove a message log by message ID.
master_msg_id: Telegram message ID in string
slave_msg_id: Slave message identifier in string
slave_origin_uid: Slave chat identifier in string
if (master_msg_id and (slave_msg_id or slave_origin_uid)) \
or not (master_msg_id or (slave_msg_id or slave_origin_uid)):
raise ValueError('master_msg_id and slave_msg_id is mutual exclusive')
if not master_msg_id and not (slave_msg_id and slave_origin_uid):
raise ValueError('slave_msg_id and slave_origin_uid must exists together.')
if master_msg_id:
MsgLog.delete().where(MsgLog.master_msg_id == master_msg_id).execute()
MsgLog.delete().where((MsgLog.slave_message_id == slave_msg_id) &
(MsgLog.slave_origin_uid == slave_origin_uid)
except DoesNotExist:
def get_slave_chat_info(slave_channel_id: Optional[ModuleID] = None,
slave_chat_uid: Optional[ChatID] = None,
slave_chat_group_id: Optional[ChatID] = None
) -> Optional[SlaveChatInfo]:
Get cached slave chat info from database.
SlaveChatInfo|None: The matching slave chat info, None if not exist.
if slave_channel_id is None or slave_chat_uid is None:
raise ValueError("Both slave_channel_id and slave_chat_id should be provided.")
return \
.where((SlaveChatInfo.slave_channel_id == slave_channel_id) &
(SlaveChatInfo.slave_chat_uid == slave_chat_uid) &
(SlaveChatInfo.slave_chat_group_id == slave_chat_group_id)).first()
except DoesNotExist:
return None
def set_slave_chat_info(self, chat_object: 'ETMChatType') -> SlaveChatInfo:
Insert or update slave chat info entry
chat_object (ETMChatType): Chat object for pickling
SlaveChatInfo: The inserted or updated row
slave_channel_id = chat_object.module_id
slave_channel_name = chat_object.module_name
slave_channel_emoji = chat_object.channel_emoji
slave_chat_uid = chat_object.uid
slave_chat_name =
slave_chat_alias = chat_object.alias
slave_chat_type = chat_object.chat_type_name
parent_chat: Optional['ETMChatType'] = getattr(chat_object, 'chat', None)
slave_chat_group_id: Optional[ChatID]
if parent_chat:
slave_chat_group_id = parent_chat.uid
slave_chat_group_id = None
chat_info = self.get_slave_chat_info(slave_channel_id=slave_channel_id,
if chat_info is not None:
chat_info.slave_channel_name = slave_channel_name
chat_info.slave_channel_emoji = slave_channel_emoji
chat_info.slave_chat_name = slave_chat_name
chat_info.slave_chat_alias = slave_chat_alias
chat_info.slave_chat_type = slave_chat_type
chat_info.pickle = chat_object.pickle
return chat_info
return SlaveChatInfo.create(slave_channel_id=slave_channel_id,
def delete_slave_chat_info(slave_channel_id: ModuleID, slave_chat_uid: ChatID, slave_chat_group_id: ChatID = None):
return SlaveChatInfo.delete() \
.where((SlaveChatInfo.slave_channel_id == slave_channel_id) &
(SlaveChatInfo.slave_chat_uid == slave_chat_uid) &
(SlaveChatInfo.slave_chat_group_id == slave_chat_group_id)).execute()
def get_recent_slave_chats(master_chat_id: TelegramChatID, limit=5) -> List[EFBChannelChatIDStr]:
query = MsgLog \
.select(MsgLog.slave_origin_uid, fn.MAX(MsgLog.time)) \
.where(MsgLog.master_msg_id.startswith("{}.".format(master_chat_id))) \
.group_by(MsgLog.slave_origin_uid) \
.order_by(fn.MAX(MsgLog.time).desc()) \
return [EFBChannelChatIDStr(i.slave_origin_uid) for i in query]
def get_last_message(slave_chat_id: EFBChannelChatIDStr) -> Optional[MsgLog]:
MsgLog.slave_origin_uid == slave_chat_id
except DoesNotExist:
return None