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A Library of tools for algorithmic Bitcoin trading in Python. Bitraider includes a Coinbase Exchange API wrapper, a CLI dashboard for backtesting or running a trader, and an abstract strategy class that enables you to implement different trading techniques.


  1. $pip install --pre bitraider

  2. Create a new directory in which your trader will reside

    $mkdir example_trader
    $cd example_trader
  3. Create a class that inherits from bitraider.strategy. Implement all necessary functions. NOTE: See example_strategy.py for a more thurough example.

    vim mystrategy.py
    from bitraider import strategy as strategy
        class my_strategy(strategy):
            def __init__(self):
                self.usd_bal = 1000
                self.other_attributes = 999
            def trade(self, timeslice):
                # This will get run in a loop for each timeslice
  4. $bitraider

Package Organization

The bitraider package contains the following subpackages

  1. strategy: a module containing what a strategy class should look like
  2. cbexchange: a module containing cb_exchange, a CoinbaseExchange API Wrapper
  3. trader_template: a terminal-style dashboard for backtesting or running trading strategies.


  1. Implement logging with python logging
  2. Implement emailer