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the latest stable pbs_python interface is available from:

Information, documentation and reporting bugs for the package:

bug resport:

=============== Brief description ============================= Pbs_python interface is a wrapper class for the OPENPBS/TORQUE C LIB API. Now you can write utilities/extensions in Python instead of C.

The Python wrapper class is tested on:

  • Intel cluster debian GNU/LINUX woody/sarge OPENPBS 2.3.16, TORQUE 1.0.1p4, 1.1.0p4 and up

  • For X86_64 systems you have to compile torque/openpbs with the -fPIC option. Else you can not build the python module

  • TRU64 system, NOTE: must rename libnet.a to libpbs_net.a and edit to reflect the change. There is also a system wide

  • It should run on different OSes.

In the past our Alpha cluster was redhat (6.2) and we had to add '-lots' to the LIBS line

-- Compile and install the package: (Require python 2.1 and higher)

As for python version 1.6 and higher the procedure is: ./configure make make install

Debian package: debian/rules binary

--- Testing the package:

The test programs are include as a reference how to use the pbs python module. You have to edit some test programs to reflect your PBS/Torque installation. - ascii xpbsmon - ascii xpbsmon by rack layout - pbsnodes -a - print server version - set some node properties - queries the pbs_mom daemon on the nodes - Shows the usage of the PBS logging routines - Example how to use PBSQuery module - python <install_path>/ (has builtin demo) - We use this program to set the nodes offline/online. when there are no command line arguments. It will list the nodes that are down/oflline. For more info see: -

pbs_jobmonitor - Shows the output of top -u user on the node: * one cycle of top * user: the user the job belongs to

pbs_joblogin - logs in to the node as the user who invokes this script (os.getenv('USER'))

For more info about SARA see:


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  • Bas van der Vlies e-mail: *
  • SARA - Academic Computing Services phone: +31 20 592 8012 *
  • Kruislaan 415 fax: +31 20 6683167 *
  • 1098 SJ Amsterdam WWW: *
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