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Show some ❤️ to Node.js process errors
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Show some ❤️ to Node.js process errors.

Node.js prints process errors (uncaughtException, warning, unhandledRejection, rejectionHandled) on the console which is very useful. Unfortunately those errors:

log-process-errors fixes all those issues.

Without log-process-errors:

Screenshot before

With log-process-errors:

Screenshot after

Use cases

  • Proper logging of process errors in production.
  • Debugging of process errors in development.
  • Automated testing of process errors.


You can try this library:


Production code (e.g. a server) can install this either as a production or development dependency:

npm install log-process-errors

However, libraries should install this as a development dependency:

npm install -D log-process-errors

This is because logging is modified globally and libraries users might not expect this side-effect. Also, this might lead to conflicts between libraries.


There are two ways to load this library. The first is to use the node -r CLI flag:

node -r log-process-errors/build/register ...

The second is:

const logProcessErrors = require('log-process-errors')

logProcessErrors() should be called as early as possible in the code, before other require/import statements.


options is an optional object with the following properties.


Type: function(error, level)

Customizes how process errors are logged.
Full documentation.


Type: object
Default: { warning: 'warn', multipleResolves: 'info', default: 'error' }

Which log level to use.
Full documentation.


Type: string[]
Default: ['uncaughtException']

Which process errors should trigger process.exit(1).
Full documentation.


Type: string
Value: 'ava', 'mocha', 'jasmine', 'tape' or 'node-tap'
Default: undefined

When running tests, makes them fail if there are any process errors.
Full documentation.


Type: boolean
Default: true if the output is a terminal.

Colorizes messages.
Full documentation.


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