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Run any Node.js version
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Run any Node.js version.

This executes a file, command or REPL using a specific Node.js version.

Unlike nvm run it:

  • is 10 times faster
  • does not need a separate installation step for each Node version
  • works on Windows
  • does not require Bash
  • is installed as a Node module (as opposed to a Bash installation script downloaded with curl)

This executes a single file or command. To run a specific Node.js version for an entire project or shell session, please use nvm, nvm-windows, n or nvs.


# Same as `node` but with Node 12
$ nve 12
Welcome to Node.js v12.8.0.
Type ".help" for more information.
> .exit

# Same as `node file.js` but with Node 8
$ nve 8 file.js

# Any Node CLI flag can be used
$ nve 8 --print 'process.version'

# Run a specific version
$ nve 8.10.0 --version

# Run the latest Node version
$ nve '*' --version

# Use a version range
$ nve '<8' --version


You can try this library:


npm install -g nve

node >=8.12.0 must be globally installed. However the command run by nve can use any Node version.



This is exactly the same as:

node [ARGS...]

But using a specific Node version. Any Node CLI flag can be passed.

VERSION can be any version range such as 12, 12.6.0 or <12.

The first time nve is run with a new VERSION, the Node binary is downloaded from under the hood. This initially takes few seconds. However subsequent runs are almost instantaneous.

Native modules

If your code is using native modules, nve will work providing:

  • they are built with N-API
  • the target Node.js version is >=8.12.0 (since N-API was not available or stable before that)

Otherwise the following error message will be shown: Error: The module was compiled against a different Node.js version.

Node.js mirror

The binaries are downloaded from You can specify a mirror website using the environment variable NODE_MIRROR.



The following benchmarks compare the average time to run nve, nvm run and npx node:

nve:        68ms
nvm run:   852ms
npx node: 1385ms

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