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language: node_js
node_js: '12'
dist: xenial
# When pushing a tagged commit, Travis adds two builds: one with the tag, one
# without. We only want to build the one with the tag, because it's the one
# that runs the deployment stage
if: '!(commit_message =~ /^Release/ && tag is blank)'
# Test on Windows/Mac/Linux using latest Node.js.
# Also test on Linux with older Node.js versions.
# We do not run each possible combination to make CI faster.
- os: windows
- os: osx
- node_js: '8.12.0'
- node_js: '12'
# Test coverage check must happen after tests for the whole matrix have
# been performed, so we get the merged coverage map
- stage: Coverage check
# If this fails during a PR, CI will fail. However when CI fails, codecov
# does not post any comment. Since codecov comments are nicer than
# Travis Buddy comments for this, we skip it during PRs. Also this makes
# PRs checks faster.
if: type != pull_request
script: gulp coverage
# Deployment must happen after tests for the whole matrix have been
# performed, so we use `jobs.include` with a different `stage`.
- stage: Deploy
if: type != pull_request && tag is not blank
script: gulp publish
# NPM_TOKEN environment variable
secure: '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'
email: false
# We do not use `cache: npm` because downloading and uploading the cache
# actually takes more time than it saves during `npm ci`.
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