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🎉 Thanks for considering contributing to this project! 🎉

These guidelines will help you send a pull request.

If you're submitting an issue instead, please skip this document.

If your pull request is related to a typo or the documentation being unclear, please click on the relevant page's Edit button (pencil icon) and directly suggest a correction instead.

This project was made with ❤️. The simplest way to give back is by starring and sharing it online.

Everyone is welcome regardless of personal background. We enforce a Code of conduct in order to promote a positive and inclusive environment.

Development process

First fork and clone the repository. If you're not sure how to do this, please watch these videos.


npm install

Make sure everything is correctly setup with:

npm test

We use Gulp tasks to lint, test and build this project. Please check gulp-shared-tasks to learn how to use them. You don't need to know Gulp to use these tasks.


Our coding style is documented here. Linting and formatting should automatically handle it though.

After submitting the pull request, please make sure the Continuous Integration checks are passing.

We enforce 100% test coverage: each line of code must be tested.

New options, methods, properties, configuration and behavior must be documented in all of these:

  • the
  • the docs directory (if any)
  • the examples directory (if any)

Please use the same style as the rest of the documentation and examples.

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