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(harlan front typecheck)
(export typecheck free-regions-type gen-rvar)
(elegant-weapons match)
(elegant-weapons helpers)
(elegant-weapons sets)
(harlan compile-opts)
(util compat)
(util color))
(define (typecheck m)
(let-values (((m s) (infer-module m)))
(ground-module `(module . ,m) s)))
(define-record-type tvar (fields name))
(define-record-type rvar (fields name))
(define (gen-tvar x) (make-tvar (gensym x)))
(define (gen-rvar x) (make-rvar (gensym x)))
(define type-tag (gensym 'type))
;; Walks type and region variables in a substitution
(define (walk x s)
(let ((x^ (assq x s)))
;; TODO: We will probably need to check for cycles.
(if x^
(let ((x^ (cdr x^)))
((or (tvar? x^) (rvar? x^))
(walk x^ s))
((eq? x^ 'Numeric)
(else x^)))
(define (walk-type t s)
(match t
(,t (guard (symbol? t)) t)
((vec ,r ,[t]) `(vec ,(walk r s) ,t))
((ptr ,[t]) `(ptr ,t))
((adt ,[t]) `(adt ,t))
((adt ,[t] ,r) `(adt ,t ,(walk r s)))
((closure ,r (,[t*] ...) -> ,[t])
`(closure ,(walk r s) ,t* -> ,t))
((fn (,[t*] ...) -> ,[t]) `(fn (,t* ...) -> ,t))
(,x (guard (or (tvar? x) (rvar? x)))
(let ((x^ (walk x s)))
(if (equal? x x^)
(walk-type x^ s))))
(,else (error 'walk-type "Unknown type" else))))
;; Unifies types a and b. s is an a-list containing substitutions
;; for both type and region variables. If the unification is
;; successful, this function returns a new substitution. Otherwise,
;; this functions returns #f.
(define (unify-types a b s)
(define (maybe-subst a b s)
(let ((t (or (tvar? a) (rvar? a))))
(if t
(and s `((,a . ,b) . ,s))
(error 'maybe-subst
"You don't want to put this in the substitution."
a b))))
(let ((s
(match `(,(walk-type a s) ,(walk-type b s))
;; Obviously equal types unify.
((,a ,b) (guard (equal? a b)) s)
((int Numeric)
(if (tvar? b)
(maybe-subst b 'int s)
((float Numeric)
(if (tvar? b)
(maybe-subst b 'float s)
((u64 Numeric)
(if (tvar? b)
(maybe-subst b 'u64 s)
;;((Numeric float) (guard (tvar? a)) `((,a . float) . ,s))
((,a ,b) (guard (tvar? a)) (maybe-subst a b s))
((,a ,b) (guard (tvar? b)) (maybe-subst b a s))
((,a ,b) (guard (and (rvar? a) (rvar? b))) (maybe-subst a b s))
(((vec ,ra ,a) (vec ,rb ,b))
(let ((s (unify-types a b s)))
(if (eq? ra rb)
(maybe-subst ra rb s))))
(((ptr ,a) (ptr ,b))
(unify-types a b s))
(((adt ,ta ,ra) (adt ,tb ,rb))
(let ((s (unify-types ta tb s)))
(if (eq? ra rb)
(maybe-subst ra rb s))))
(((closure ,r1 ,a* -> ,a)
(closure ,r2 ,b* -> ,b))
(let loop ((a* a*)
(b* b*)
(s s))
(match `(,a* ,b*)
((() ())
(let ((s (unify-types a b s)))
(if (eq? r1 r2)
(maybe-subst r1 r2 s))))
(((,a ,a* ...) (,b ,b* ...))
(let ((s (unify-types a b s)))
(and s (loop a* b* s))))
(,else #f))))
(((fn (,a* ...) -> ,a) (fn (,b* ...) -> ,b))
(let loop ((a* a*)
(b* b*)
(s s))
(match `(,a* ,b*)
((() ()) (unify-types a b s))
(((,a ,a* ...) (,b ,b* ...))
(let ((s (unify-types a b s)))
(and s (loop a* b* s))))
(,else #f))))
(,else #f))))
(if s
(if (not (andmap (lambda (s)
(or (tvar? (car s)) (rvar? (car s))))
(pretty-print s)
(error 'unify-types "invalid substitution created"
a b s
(walk-type a s)
(walk-type b s)))))
;; Remove extra tags and things so that the expression looks more like
;; what the programmer typed.
(define (unparse e)
(match e
((num ,n) n)
((str ,s) s)
((,op ,[e1] ,[e2]) (guard (binop? op))
`(,op ,e1 ,e2))
(,else else)))
(define (type-error e expected found)
(display "In expression...\n")
(pretty-print (unparse e))
(display "Expected type...\n")
(pretty-print expected)
(display "But found...\n")
(pretty-print found)
(error 'typecheck
"Could not unify types"))
(define (return e t)
(lambda (_ r s)
(values e t s)))
(define (bind m seq)
(lambda (e^ r s)
(let-values (((e t s) (m e^ r s)))
((seq e t) e^ r s))))
(define (unify a b seq)
(lambda (e r s)
(let ((s^ (unify-types a b s)))
(if s^
((seq) e r s^)
(type-error e (walk-type a s) (walk-type b s))))))
(define (== a b)
(unify a b (lambda () (return #f a))))
(define (require-type e env t)
(let ((tv (make-tvar (gensym 'tv))))
(do* (((e t^) (infer-expr e env))
((_ __) (== tv t))
((_ __) (== tv t^)))
(return e tv))))
(define (unify-return-type t seq)
(lambda (e r s)
((unify r t seq) e r s)))
(define-syntax with-current-expr
(syntax-rules ()
((_ e b)
(lambda (e^ r s)
(b e r s)))))
;; you can use this with bind too!
(define (infer-expr* e* env)
(if (null? e*)
(return '() '())
(let ((e (car e*))
(e* (cdr e*)))
(infer-expr* e* env)
(lambda (e* t*)
(bind (infer-expr e env)
(lambda (e t)
(return `(,e . ,e*)
`(,t . ,t*)))))))))
(define (require-all e* env t)
(if (null? e*)
(return '() t)
(let ((e (car e*))
(e* (cdr e*)))
(do* (((e* t) (require-all e* env t))
((e t) (require-type e env t)))
(return `(,e . ,e*) t)))))
;; Here env is just a list of formal parameters and internally bound
;; variables.
(define (free-var-types e env)
(match e
((num ,i) '())
((float ,f) '())
((bool ,b) '())
((var ,t ,x)
(if (memq x env)
(list (cons x t))))
((lambda ,t ((,x* ,t*) ...) ,b)
(free-var-types b (append x* env)))
((let ((,x* ,t* ,[e*]) ...) ,b)
(apply append (free-var-types b (append x* env)) e*))
((if ,[t] ,[c] ,[a]) (append t c a))
((vector-ref ,t ,[x] ,[i])
(append x i))
((match ,t ,[e]
((,tag ,x ...) ,b) ...)
(apply append e
(map (lambda (x b) (free-var-types b (append x env))) x b)))
((call ,[e*] ...)
(apply append e*))
((invoke ,[e*] ...)
(apply append e*))
((,op ,t ,[a] ,[b])
(guard (or (binop? op) (relop? op)))
(append a b))
(,else (error 'free-var-types
"Unexpected expression" else))))
(define-syntax do*
(syntax-rules ()
((_ (((x ...) e) ((x* ...) e*) ...) b)
(bind e (lambda (x ...)
(do* (((x* ...) e*) ...) b))))
((_ () b) b)))
(define (unify-regions* r r*)
(if (null? r*)
(return '() '())
(do* (((a b) (unify-regions* r (cdr r*)))
((a b) (== r (car r*))))
(return a b))))
(define (infer-expr e env)
;(display `(,e :: ,env)) (newline)
(match e
((int ,n)
(return `(int ,n) 'int))
((float ,f)
(return `(float ,f) 'float))
((num ,n)
(let ((t (make-tvar (gensym 'num))))
(do* (((_ t) (== t 'Numeric)))
(return `(num ,n) t))))
((char ,c) (return `(char ,c) 'char))
((bool ,b)
(return `(bool ,b) 'bool))
((str ,s)
(return `(str ,s) 'str))
((var ,x)
(let ((t (lookup x env)))
(return `(var ,t ,x) t)))
((int->float ,e)
(do* (((e _) (require-type e env 'int)))
(return `(int->float ,e) 'float)))
((float->int ,e)
(do* (((e _) (require-type e env 'float)))
(return `(float->int ,e) 'int)))
;; Returning a free type variable is better so we can return
;; from any context, but that gives us problems with free
;; type variables at the end.
(lambda () (return `(return) 'void))))
((return ,e)
(bind (infer-expr e env)
(lambda (e t)
(lambda ()
(return `(return ,e) t))))))
((print ,e)
(do* (((e t) (infer-expr e env)))
(return `(print ,t ,e) 'void)))
((print ,e ,f)
(do* (((e t) (infer-expr e env))
((f _) (require-type f env '(ptr ofstream))))
(return `(print ,t ,e ,f) 'void)))
((println ,e)
(do* (((e t) (infer-expr e env)))
(return `(println ,t ,e) 'void)))
((iota ,e)
(do* (((e t) (require-type e env 'int)))
(let ((r (make-rvar (gensym 'r))))
(return `(iota-r ,r ,e)
`(vec ,r int)))))
((iota-r ,r ,e)
(do* (((e t) (require-type e env 'int)))
(return `(iota-r ,r ,e)
`(vec ,r int))))
((vector ,e* ...)
(let ((t (make-tvar (gensym 'tvec)))
(r (make-rvar (gensym 'rv))))
(do* (((e* t) (require-all e* env t)))
(return `(vector (vec ,r ,t) ,e* ...) `(vec ,r ,t)))))
((vector-r ,r ,e* ...)
(let ((t (make-tvar (gensym 'tvec))))
(do* (((e* t) (require-all e* env t)))
(return `(vector (vec ,r ,t) ,e* ...) `(vec ,r ,t)))))
((make-vector ,len ,val)
(do* (((len _) (require-type len env 'int))
((val t) (infer-expr val env)))
(let ((t `(vec ,(make-rvar (gensym 'rmake-vector)) ,t)))
(return `(make-vector ,t ,len ,val) t))))
((length ,v)
(let ((t (make-tvar (gensym 'tveclength)))
(r (make-rvar (gensym 'rvl))))
(do* (((v _) (require-type v env `(vec ,r ,t))))
(return `(length ,v) 'int))))
((vector-ref ,v ,i)
(let ((t (make-tvar (gensym 'tvecref)))
(r (make-rvar (gensym 'rvref))))
(do* (((v _) (require-type v env `(vec ,r ,t)))
((i _) (require-type i env 'int)))
(return `(vector-ref ,t ,v ,i) t))))
((unsafe-vector-ref ,v ,i)
(let ((t (make-tvar (gensym 'tvecref)))
(r (make-rvar (gensym 'rvref))))
(do* (((v _) (require-type v env `(vec ,r ,t)))
((i _) (require-type i env 'int)))
(return `(unsafe-vector-ref ,t ,v ,i) t))))
((unsafe-vec-ptr ,v)
(let ((t (make-tvar (gensym 'tvecref)))
(r (make-rvar (gensym 'rvref))))
(do* (((v _) (require-type v env `(vec ,r ,t))))
(return `(unsafe-vec-ptr (ptr ,t) ,v) `(ptr ,t)))))
((unsafe-explicit-cast (,t1 -> ,t2) ,e)
(do* (((e _) (require-type e env t1)))
(return `(cast ,t2 ,e) t2)))
((,+ ,a ,b) (guard (binop? +))
(do* (((a t) (infer-expr a env))
((b t) (require-type b env t))
((_ __) (== t 'Numeric)))
(return `(,+ ,t ,a ,b) t)))
((= ,a ,b)
(do* (((a t) (infer-expr a env))
((b t) (require-type b env t)))
(return `(= ,t ,a ,b) 'bool)))
((,< ,a ,b)
(guard (relop? <))
(do* (((a t) (infer-expr a env))
((b t) (require-type b env t))
((_ __) (== t 'Numeric)))
(return `(,< bool ,a ,b) 'bool)))
((assert ,e)
(do* (((e t) (require-type e env 'bool)))
(return `(assert ,e) t)))
((set! ,x ,e)
(do* (((x t) (infer-expr x env))
((e t) (require-type e env t)))
(return `(set! ,x ,e) 'void)))
((begin ,s* ... ,e)
(do* (((s* _) (infer-expr* s* env))
((e t) (infer-expr e env)))
(return `(begin ,s* ... ,e) t)))
((if ,test ,c ,a)
(do* (((test tt) (require-type test env 'bool))
((c t) (infer-expr c env))
((a t) (require-type a env t)))
(return `(if ,test ,c ,a) t)))
((if ,test ,c)
(do* (((test tt) (require-type test env 'bool))
((c t) (require-type c env 'void)))
(return `(if ,test ,c) t)))
((lambda (,x* ...) ,body)
;; Lambda is a little tricky because of regions in the free
;; variables. First we infer the type based on the usual way
;; of inferring lambda, but then we determine the regions for
;; the free variables in the body. We create a new region
;; variable and unify this with all of the regions of free
;; variables.
(let* ((arg-types (map (lambda (x) (make-tvar (gensym x))) x*))
(env (append (map cons x* arg-types) env))
(r (gen-rvar 'lambda)))
(do* (((body tbody)
(infer-expr body env)))
(let* ((fv (free-var-types body x*))
(regions (apply union
(map (lambda (x)
(free-regions-type (cdr x)))
(do* (((_ __) (unify-regions* r regions)))
`(lambda (closure ,r ,arg-types -> ,tbody)
((,x* ,arg-types) ...)
`(closure ,r ,arg-types -> ,tbody)))))))
((let ((,x ,e) ...) ,body)
(do* (((e t*) (infer-expr* e env))
((body t) (infer-expr body (append (map cons x t*) env))))
(return `(let ((,x ,t* ,e) ...) ,body) t)))
((let-region (,r* ...) ,b)
(do* (((b t) (infer-expr b env)))
(return `(let-region (,r* ...) ,b) t)))
((while ,t ,b)
(do* (((t _) (require-type t env 'bool))
((b _) (infer-expr b env)))
(return `(while ,t ,b) 'void)))
((reduce + ,e)
(let ((r (make-rvar (gensym 'r)))
(t (make-tvar (gensym 'reduce-t))))
(do* (((_ __) (== t 'Numeric))
((e t) (require-type e env `(vec ,r ,t))))
(return `(reduce ,t + ,e) 'int))))
((kernel ((,x ,e) ...) ,b)
(do* (((e t*) (let loop ((e e))
(if (null? e)
(return '() '())
(let ((e* (cdr e))
(e (car e))
(t (make-tvar (gensym 'kt)))
(r (make-rvar (gensym 'rkt))))
(do* (((e* t*) (loop e*))
((e _) (require-type e env `(vec ,r ,t))))
(return (cons e e*)
(cons (list r t) t*)))))))
((b t) (infer-expr b (append
(map (lambda (x t) (cons x (cadr t))) x t*)
(let ((r (make-rvar (gensym 'rk))))
(return `(kernel-r (vec ,r ,t) ,r
(((,x ,(map cadr t*))
(,e (vec . ,t*))) ...)
`(vec ,r ,t)))))
((kernel-r ,r ((,x ,e) ...) ,b)
(do* (((e t*) (let loop ((e e))
(if (null? e)
(return '() '())
(let ((e* (cdr e))
(e (car e))
(t (make-tvar (gensym 'kt)))
(r (make-rvar (gensym 'rkt))))
(do* (((e* t*) (loop e*))
((e _) (require-type e env `(vec ,r ,t))))
(return (cons e e*)
(cons (list r t) t*)))))))
((b t) (infer-expr b (append
(map (lambda (x t) (cons x (cadr t))) x t*)
(return `(kernel-r (vec ,r ,t) ,r
(((,x ,(map cadr t*))
(,e (vec . ,t*))) ...)
`(vec ,r ,t))))
((call ,f ,e* ...) (guard (ident? f))
(let ((t (make-tvar (gensym 'rt)))
(ft (lookup f env)))
(do* (((e* t*) (infer-expr* e* env))
((_ __) (require-type `(var ,f) env `(fn ,t* -> ,t))))
(return `(call (var (fn ,t* -> ,t) ,f) ,e* ...) t))))
((invoke ,rator ,rand* ...)
(let ((t (gen-tvar 'invoke))
(r (gen-rvar 'invoke)))
(do* (((rand* randt*) (infer-expr* rand* env))
((rator fty) (require-type rator env
`(closure ,r ,randt* -> ,t))))
(return `(invoke ,rator . ,rand*) t))))
((do ,e)
(do* (((e t) (infer-expr e env)))
(return `(do ,e) t)))
((match ,e
((,tag ,x* ...) ,e*) ...)
;; This might be a little tricky, depending on how much
;; information we have to start with. If the type of e is
;; known at this point, it's easy. However, if we don't know
;; if yet (for example, the value was passed in as a
;; parameter), we might have to infer the type based on the
;; constructors given.
(match (lookup-type-tags tag env)
((,te . ,typedef)
(do* (((e _) (require-type e env te))
((e* t)
(let check-arms ((tag tag)
(x* x*)
(e* e*)
(typedef typedef))
(match `(,tag ,x* ,e*)
(((,tag . ,tag*) (,x* . ,x**) (,e* . ,e**))
(let-values (((constructor rest)
(partition (lambda (x)
(eq? (car x) tag))
(match constructor
(((,_ ,t* ...))
(do* (((e**^ t) (check-arms tag* x** e** rest))
((e^ _) (require-type e* (append
(map cons x* t*)
(return (cons e^ e**^) t))))))
((() () ()) (return '() (make-tvar (gensym 'tmatch))))))))
(return `(match ,t ,e ((,tag ,x* ...) ,e*) ...) t)))))
((error! ,s) (guard (string? s))
(return `(error! ,s) (gen-tvar 'error!)))
(define infer-body infer-expr)
(define (add-region-vars-to-type end adt-graph)
(lambda (t*)
(match t*
((vec ,[t])
`(vec ,@end ,t))
((vec ,r ,[t])
(display "Warning, in type \n")
(display t*)
(display " there was already a region parameter. Replacing with \n")
(display end)
`(vec ,@end ,t)))
((closure (,[t*] ...) -> ,[t])
`(closure ,@end ,t* -> ,t))
((adt ,t^) (guard (recursive-adt? t^ adt-graph))
`(adt ,t^ . ,end))
(,else (begin #;(if (pair? else)
(display else))
(define (make-top-level-env decls adt-graph)
(apply append
(map (lambda (d)
(match d
((fn ,name (,[make-tvar -> var*] ...) ,body)
`((,name fn (,var* ...) -> ,(make-tvar name))))
((define-datatype ,t
(,c ,t* ...) ...)
(let* ((end (if (recursive-adt? t adt-graph)
(list (make-rvar (gensym t)))
(t* (map (lambda (t*)
(map (add-region-vars-to-type end
`((,type-tag (adt ,t . ,end) (,c ,t* ...) ...)
(,c fn (,t* ...)
-> ,(map (lambda (_) `(adt ,t . ,end)) c)) ...)))
((extern ,name . ,t)
(list (cons name (cons 'fn t))))))
;; Add some primitives
'((harlan_sqrt fn (float) -> float)
(floor fn (float) -> float)
(atan2 fn (float float) -> float))))
(define (recursive-adt? name graph)
(let loop ((path (list name)))
(let ((node (assq (car path) graph)))
(if node
(ormap (lambda (n)
(or (memq n path)
(loop (cons n path))))
(cdr node))
;; A graph of which types are referenced by each adt. Used by
;; recursive-adt?
(define (make-adt-graph decl*)
(apply append
(map (lambda (d)
(match d
((define-datatype ,t (,c ,t* ...) ...)
`((,t . ,(apply union
(lambda (t^)
(map (lambda (t^)
(match t^
;; if we contain a
;; vector or closure,
;; then the type is
;; always
;; recursive. We
;; trick the type
;; checker into
;; thinking this by
;; putting in a
;; self-link if we
;; encounter one of
;; these types.
((vec . ,_) t)
((closure . ,_) t)
((adt ,t) t)
(,else else)))
(,else '())))
(define (infer-module m)
(match m
((module . ,decls)
(let* ((adt-graph (make-adt-graph decls))
;;(_ (pretty-print adt-graph))
(env (make-top-level-env decls adt-graph)))
;;(pretty-print env)
(infer-decls decls env adt-graph)))))
(define (infer-decls decls env adt-graph)
(match decls
(() (values '() '()))
((,d . ,d*)
(let-values (((d* s) (infer-decls d* env adt-graph)))
(let-values (((d s) (infer-decl d env s adt-graph)))
(values (cons d d*) s))))))
(define (infer-decl d env s adt-graph)
(match d
((extern . ,whatever)
(values `(extern . ,whatever) s))
((define-datatype ,t (,c ,t* ...) ...)
(if (recursive-adt? t adt-graph)
(let* ((r (make-rvar (gensym t)))
(t* (map (lambda (t*)
(map (lambda (t*)
(match t*
((closure (,[t*] ...) -> ,[t])
`(closure ,r ,t* -> ,t))
((adt ,t^)
(guard (recursive-adt? t^ adt-graph))
`(adt ,t^ ,r))
(,else else))) t*))
`(define-datatype (,t ,r) (,c ,t* ...)))
`(define-datatype ,t (,c ,t* ...)))
((fn ,name (,var* ...) ,body)
;; find the function definition in the environment, bring the
;; parameters into scope.
(match (lookup name env)
((fn (,t* ...) -> ,t)
(let-values (((b t s)
((infer-body body (append (map cons var* t*) env))
body t s)))
`(fn ,name (,var* ...) (fn (,t* ...) -> ,t) ,b)
(define (lookup x e)
(let ((t (assq x e)))
(if t
(cdr t)
(error 'lookup "Variable not found" x e))))
(define (lookup-type-tags tags e)
(match e
(error 'lookup-type-tags "Could not find type from constructors" tags))
(((,tag (adt ,name . ,end) (,tag* . ,t) ...) . ,rest)
(guard (and (eq? tag type-tag)
(set-equal? tags tag*)))
`((adt ,name . ,end) (,tag* . ,t) ...))
((,e . ,e*) (lookup-type-tags tags e*))))
(define (ground-module m s)
(if (verbosity? trace-pass-verbosity-level)
(begin (pretty-print m) (newline)
(pretty-print s) (newline)))
(match m
((module ,[(lambda (d) (ground-decl d s)) -> decl*] ...)
`(module ,decl* ...))))
(define (ground-decl d s)
(match d
((extern . ,whatever) `(extern . ,whatever))
((define-datatype (,t ,r) (,c ,t* ...) ...)
`(define-datatype (,t ,(rvar-name r))
. ,(car (map (lambda (c t*)
(map (lambda (c t*)
`(,c . ,(map (lambda (t) (ground-type t s)) t*)))
c t*)) c t*))))
((define-datatype ,t (,c ,t* ...) ...)
`(define-datatype ,t
. ,(car (map (lambda (c t*)
(map (lambda (c t*)
`(,c . ,(map (lambda (t) (ground-type t s)) t*)))
c t*)) c t*))))
((fn ,name (,var ...)
,[(lambda (t) (ground-type t s)) -> t]
,[(lambda (e) (ground-expr e s)) -> body])
(let* ((region-params (free-regions-type t))
(body-regions (free-regions-expr body))
(local-regions (difference body-regions region-params)))
`(fn ,name (,var ...) ,t (let-region ,local-regions ,body))))))
(define (region-name r)
(if (rvar? r)
(rvar-name r)
(define (ground-type t s)
(let ((t (walk-type t s)))
(if (tvar? t)
(let ((t^ (assq t s)))
(if t^
(case (cdr t^)
;; We have a free variable that's constrained as
;; Numeric, so ground it as an integer.
((Numeric) 'int))
(display "Warning: free type variable: ")
(display t)
(display "Defaulting to type int.\n")
(match t
(,prim (guard (symbol? prim)) prim)
((vec ,r ,t) `(vec ,(region-name r) ,(ground-type t s)))
((ptr ,t) `(ptr ,(ground-type t s)))
((adt ,t) `(adt ,(ground-type t s)))
((adt ,t ,r) `(adt ,(ground-type t s) ,(region-name r)))
((closure ,r (,[(lambda (t) (ground-type t s)) -> t*] ...) -> ,t)
`(closure ,(region-name r) ,t* -> ,(ground-type t s)))
((fn (,[(lambda (t) (ground-type t s)) -> t*] ...) -> ,t)
`(fn ,t* -> ,(ground-type t s)))
(,else (error 'ground-type "unsupported type" else))))))
(define (ground-expr e s)
(let ((ground-type (lambda (t) (ground-type t s))))
(match e
((int ,n) `(int ,n))
((float ,f) `(float ,f))
;; This next line is cheating, but it should get us through
;; the rest of the compiler.
((num ,n)
(if (< n #x100000000)
`(int ,n)
`(u64 ,n)))
((char ,c) `(char ,c))
((str ,s) `(str ,s))
((bool ,b) `(bool ,b))
((var ,[ground-type -> t] ,x) `(var ,t ,x))
((int->float ,[e]) `(int->float ,e))
((float->int ,[e]) `(float->int ,e))
((,op ,[ground-type -> t] ,[e1] ,[e2])
(guard (or (relop? op) (binop? op)))
`(,op ,t ,e1 ,e2))
((print ,[ground-type -> t] ,[e]) `(print ,t ,e))
((print ,[ground-type -> t] ,[e] ,[f]) `(print ,t ,e ,f))
((println ,[ground-type -> t] ,[e]) `(println ,t ,e))
((assert ,[e]) `(assert ,e))
((iota-r ,r ,[e]) `(iota-r ,(region-name (walk r s)) ,e))
((iota ,[e]) `(iota ,e))
((make-vector ,[ground-type -> t] ,[len] ,[val])
`(make-vector ,t ,len ,val))
((lambda ,[ground-type -> t0] ((,x ,[ground-type -> t]) ...) ,[b])
`(lambda ,t0 ((,x ,t) ...) ,b))
((let ((,x ,[ground-type -> t] ,[e]) ...) ,[b])
`(let ((,x ,t ,e) ...) ,b))
((for (,x ,[start] ,[end] ,[step]) ,[body])
`(for (,x ,start ,end ,step) ,body))
((while ,[t] ,[b]) `(while ,t ,b))
((vector ,[ground-type -> t] ,[e*] ...)
`(vector ,t ,e* ...))
((length ,[e]) `(length ,e))
((vector-ref ,[ground-type -> t] ,[v] ,[i])
`(vector-ref ,t ,v ,i))
((cast ,[ground-type -> t] ,[e])
`(cast ,t ,e))
((unsafe-vector-ref ,[ground-type -> t] ,[v] ,[i])
`(unsafe-vector-ref ,t ,v ,i))
((unsafe-vec-ptr ,[ground-type -> t] ,[v])
`(unsafe-vec-ptr ,t ,v))
((kernel-r ,[ground-type -> t] ,r
(((,x ,[ground-type -> ta*]) (,[e] ,[ground-type -> ta**])) ...)
`(kernel-r ,t ,(region-name (walk r s))
(((,x ,ta*) (,e ,ta**)) ...) ,b))
((reduce ,[ground-type -> t] + ,[e]) `(reduce ,t + ,e))
((set! ,[x] ,[e]) `(set! ,x ,e))
((begin ,[e*] ...) `(begin ,e* ...))
((if ,[t] ,[c] ,[a]) `(if ,t ,c ,a))
((if ,[t] ,[c]) `(if ,t ,c))
((return) `(return))
((return ,[e]) `(return ,e))
((call ,[f] ,[e*] ...) `(call ,f ,e* ...))
((invoke ,[rator] ,[rand*] ...) `(invoke ,rator . ,rand*))
((do ,[e]) `(do ,e))
((let-region (,r* ...) ,[e]) `(let-region (,r* ...) ,e))
((match ,[ground-type -> t] ,[e]
((,tag . ,x) ,[e*]) ...)
`(match ,t ,e ((,tag . ,x) ,e*) ...))
((error! ,s) `(error! ,s))
(,else (error 'ground-expr "Unrecognized expression" else)))))
(define-match free-regions-expr
((var ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,x) t)
((int ,n) '())
((u64 ,n) '())
((float ,f) '())
((char ,c) '())
((bool ,b) '())
((str ,s) '())
((int->float ,[e]) e)
((float->int ,[e]) e)
((assert ,[e]) e)
((print ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,[e]) (union t e))
((print ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,[e] ,[f]) (union t e f))
((println ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,[e]) (union t e))
((,op ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,[rhs] ,[lhs])
(guard (or (binop? op) (relop? op)))
(union t lhs rhs))
((vector ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,[e*] ...)
(union t (apply union e*)))
((length ,[e]) e)
((cast ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,[e])
(union t e))
((vector-ref ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,[x] ,[i]) (union t x i))
((unsafe-vector-ref ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,[x] ,[i]) (union t x i))
((unsafe-vec-ptr ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,[v])
(union t v))
((iota-r ,r ,[e]) (set-add e r))
((make-vector ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,[len] ,[val])
(union t len val))
((kernel-r ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,r
(((,x ,[free-regions-type -> t*]) (,[xs] ,[free-regions-type -> ts*]))
(set-add (union b t (apply union (append t* ts* xs))) r))
((reduce ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,op ,[e]) (union t e))
((set! ,[x] ,[e]) (union x e))
((begin ,[e*] ...) (apply union e*))
((lambda ,[free-regions-type -> t0]
((,x ,[free-regions-type -> t]) ...) ,b)
;; The type inferencer is designed so that each lambda should
;; have no free regions other than the type-inferencer supplied
;; region.
(apply union t0 t))
((let ((,x ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,[e]) ...) ,[b])
(union b (apply union (append t e))))
((for (,x ,[start] ,[end] ,[step]) ,[body])
(union start end step body))
((while ,[t] ,[e]) (union t e))
((if ,[t] ,[c] ,[a]) (union t c a))
((if ,[t] ,[c]) (union t c))
((call ,[e*] ...) (apply union e*))
((invoke ,[e*] ...) (apply union e*))
((do ,[e]) e)
((let-region (,r* ...) ,[e])
(difference e r*))
((match ,[free-regions-type -> t] ,[e]
(,p ,[e*]) ...)
(apply union `(,t ,e . ,e*)))
((return) '())
((return ,[e]) e)
((error! ,s) '()))
(define-match free-regions-type
;; This isn't fantastic... what if this later unifies to a type
;; that contains a region? We might need some sort of lazy
;; suspension thingy.
(,x (guard (tvar? x)) '())
((vec ,r ,[t]) (set-add t r))
((adt ,[t] ,r) (set-add t r))
((adt ,[t]) t)
((closure ,r (,[t*] ...) -> ,[t])
(set-add (apply union t t*) r))
((fn (,[t*] ...) -> ,[t]) (union t (apply union t*)))
((ptr ,[t]) t)
;; Boxes hide all their regions until they are unboxed.
((box ,r ,t) (list r))
(() '())
(,else (guard (symbol? else)) '()))