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Temporary fork of LLVM for Rust
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bindings add support for ocaml 3.12
cmake CMake toolchain file for Android NDK.
docs docs: dedent list on index.rst
examples Move llvm/Support/IRBuilder.h -> llvm/IRBuilder.h
include Fix LiveIRVariables for arguments to functions.
lib Applying NVPTX fixes.
projects Hack around llvm 14013
runtime libprofile: [CMake] Let libprofile_rt be not loadable_module but shar…
test Applying NVPTX fixes.
tools Hack around llvm 14013
unittests Removing dependency on third party library for Intel JIT event support.
utils Temp commit
.gitignore Ignore the documentation-suggested location for compile_commands.json
.gitmodules Hack around llvm 14013
CMakeLists.txt Removing dependency on third party library for Intel JIT event support.
CODE_OWNERS.TXT Add the list of code owners to the top level of the LLVM source tree to
LICENSE.TXT Add YAML parser to Support.
LLVMBuild.txt LLVMBuild: Introduce a common section which currently has a list of the
Makefile Clear UNIVERSAL_SDK_PATH setting when building host tools. <rdar://12…
Makefile.common [docs] Remove unsupported references to ExtraSource variable. Revert "Add --program-prefix support to build"
Makefile.rules detects python3 on bleeding-edge systems
README.txt test commit
configure Tidy up. s/Low Level Virtual Machine/LLVM/.


Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM)

This directory and its subdirectories contain source code for the Low Level
Virtual Machine, a toolkit for the construction of highly optimized compilers,
optimizers, and runtime environments.

LLVM is open source software. You may freely distribute it under the terms of
the license agreement found in LICENSE.txt.

Please see the HTML documentation provided in docs/index.html for further
assistance with LLVM.

If you're writing a package for LLVM, see docs/Packaging.html for our

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