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Manual testing your web app is a pain when you have lots of forms which need to be filled in. Not anymore!



That was easy! Inputs with a name containing ‘first_name’ will be filled in with a random first name, etc.

What if I want to add a new field type?

    favoriteColor: ['red', 'green', 'blue']

Now favorite_color inputs will be filled in with a random color choice from [‘red’, ‘green’, ‘blue’]

I want to write a function to generate my field value

I won’t stop you!

    favoriteColor: function() {
      return 'red';

What if my new field depends on the value of another field?

I want the username to be the first name plus a number, or I want
the password confirmation to be equal to the password, for example.
(Both of these examples are already in the plugin)

    username: $.populate.dependency('firstName', function(firstname) {
      return firstname + Math.randomInt(100);
    passwordConfirmation: $'password')


Check demo.html/css/js for more examples.

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