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This repository created for personal use and added tools from my latest blog post.
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Recon My Way.

Tools and scripts setting up guide for personal use.

This repository contains the tools and scripts, I added in my recent blog post "Recon-My way" and I personally use.

Here is my blog post

Machine Configuration I use - Debian- 9.4, 4 GB RAM on DigitalOcean (You can use any config but this is recommended)

Important things to Install before setting up tools (Debian Based OS)

Git Installation

root@recon-my-way:~# sudo apt-get upgrade
root@recon-my-way:~# sudo apt-get update
root@recon-my-way:~# sudo apt-get install git

Curl installation.

root@recon-my-way:~# apt install curl

Go language installation.

root@recon-my-way:~# curl -O
root@recon-my-way:~# sha256sum go1.10.2-linux-amd64.tar.gz
root@recon-my-way:~# tar xvf go1.10.2.linux-amd64.tar.gz
root@recon-my-way:~# sudo chown -R root:root ./go
root@recon-my-way:~# sudo mv go /usr/local
root@recon-my-way:~# vi ~/.profile

and add the following lines in .profile

export GOPATH=$HOME/work
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin:$GOPATH/bin
source ~/.profile

Cleaing Up

root@recon-my-way:~# rm -rf go1.10.1.linux-amd64.tar.gz
root@recon-my-way:~# rm -rf work

Ruby Language installation.

root@recon-my-way:~# apt-get install ruby-full

Pip & pip3 install.

root@recon-my-way:~# apt install python-pip
root@recon-my-way:~# apt install python3-pip	//for python 3

Setting up tools for subdomain.rb & recon.rb.


colorize gem install

root@recon-my-way:~# gem install colorize


root@recon-my-way:~# go get -u


root@recon-my-way:~# gem install aquatone


root@recon-my-way:~# cd knock
root@recon-my-way:~# sudo apt-get install python-dnspython
root@recon-my-way:~# vi knockpy/config.json <- set your virustotal API_KEY
root@recon-my-way:~# sudo python install


root@recon-my-way:~# go get
root@recon-my-way:~# subfinder //test run

Subdomains by censys

root@recon-my-way:~# pip install censys
root@recon-my-way:~# export CENSYS_API_ID=Your_Censys_APP_ID
root@recon-my-way:~# export CENSYS_API_SECRET=Your_Censys_APP_ID

Sublist3r (No longer using-Optional)

root@recon-my-way:~# git clone
root@recon-my-way:~# cd sublist3r
root@recon-my-way:~# sudo apt-get install python-requests
root@recon-my-way:~# sudo pip install -r requirements.txt


Host and other dns utils.

root@recon-my-way:~# apt-get install dnsutils


root@recon-my-way:~# apt-get install nmap


root@recon-my-way:~# pip install awscli

root@recon-my-way:~# aws configure //Add your AWS keys



root@recon-my-way:~# python dirsearch -u -e *(or any file extension)


root@recon-my-way:~# cd /usr/local/go
root@recon-my-way:~# go get -u
root@recon-my-way:~# gobuster //test run

Note: All credits goes to the original developers of the tools listed in this repository. I do not own any of the tool listed in this repository.




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