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Distance calculation and event handler
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Simple jQuery plugin to track the distance between an element and the mouse cursor.

Bind a listener to the update event like: $('.dropdown-toggle').vicinity().bind 'update', (e, distance) -> console.log distance

A distance of 0 means the mouse is on the element.


  • target (defaults is document) You can set the target of the event listener to a different element than document. The event will only be triggered when the mouse hovers above that element.

If you just want to calculate the shortest distance between an element and a given point, you can use: $(el).distanceToPoint(x,y)

A nice way of using this is in combination with jquery.color, for instance:

$parent.css backgroundColor: $.Color('#fff').transition('#f00', ratio)

where the ratio is a value between 0.0 and 1.0 after dividing the distance by an arbitrary radius

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