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This is the source code for the Houston Ruby Group website which can be found at


Clone the repository from github:

git clone git://

Setting up environment

The site is currently hosted with heroku, so it will be necessary to populate some environment variables to make the site work locally.

Create the following file to hold your local environment variables (this file will be loaded by environment.rb):


The contents of this file should resemble the following, with your keys inserted:

ENV['GOOGLE_MAPS_KEY']    = "sekrit"
ENV['AMAZON_DEV_TOKEN']   = "sekrit"
ENV['AMAZON_SECRET']      = "sekrit"

Gem dependencies

These dependencies are specified in the environment files as well as the .gems manifest for heroku:

  • formtastic

  • ruby-openid

  • amazon-ecs

  • shoulda

  • factory_girl

  • mocha