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jQuery Visualize Stack

View an interactive demo and read the related blog post

This plugin apply various shades of a color to elements stacked with z-index in order of their z-index level. Useful if you have multiple widgets/elements stacked on top of each other and need to quickly visualize their stack positions. Elements with the same z-index receive the same shading color.

At the moment this plugin only works on browsers that support CSS3 hsl() styling. Sorry, IE.



Call the visualizeStack() method on a jQuery object. The plugin will internally filter and only apply logic to the elements with a numerical z-index, either positive or negative.

	// the logic will only apply to div and p elements in this example.  use $("*") for all elements.
	$("div, p").visualizeStack({

		// CSS rules to apply.  the percent sign (%) is replaced with the appropriate color shade.
		properties: {
			background: "%",
			border: "1px solid black"
		// the base color of the gradients.  Enter one of the following colors, or a hue number for hsl().
		// accepted color names: red, purple, blue, turquoise, green, orange, and yellow.
		color: "red",
		// a hex color to apply to very lightly/darkly shaded elements.  the "color" property of these
		// elements will be set to this value.  pass an empty string to disable.
		lightTextColor: "#fff",
		darkTextColor: "#000"