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this chrome extension is magical
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A chrome extension to annotate the internet.

How to set up:

This is a chrome extension, and as such, requires the Chrome browser.

Kobal depends upon Firebase as a db, and a Coinbase API key and secret to transfer bitcoin.

To do so, install the application by downloading the repository. Navigate to chrome://extensions, click 'Load Unpacked Extension', and then load the 'ext' folder.

Once the extension is loaded, click the 'options' link. Here, you will configure your username/password, as well as your Coinbase API key and secret, and default 'tipping' amount.

Click 'Set preferences' to set your username, set your username with 'Set your username,' and then click 'Save', and then set your default Bitcoin and Coinbase choices.

When the app is active, a [ + ] will appear beside

tags on most websites. CLicking these will allow for commenting on that paragraph, and if any other membeer has also commented on that paragraph, you will also be able to see it. If you belive that their comment was worthy, you can 'tip' them bith bitcoin, but clicking the BTC icon beside their comment.

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