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2D Physics demos (in a Java application).

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A cross-platform 2D physics engine and physics simulations. Built with WorldEngine.


How to run these demos:

  • Download an "Executable JAR":
  • Make sure Java 1.6 (or greater) is installed on your machine. (Type "java -version" into command prompt/terminal/...)
  • Windows and OS X users can double-click on the Executable JAR file to run the suite of demos. Otherwise, it can be run via command-line:

    java -jar PhysicsDemo-vX.YY.jar

Physics Engine

The physics engine has built-in support for a number of real-world forces. It can also support any number of user-definable forces.

Global forces:

  • Gravity
  • Gas/liquid drag (resistance to movement)
  • Electric field (on charged particles)

Pair-wise forces:

  • Collisions (with varying elasticity)
  • Coulomb's law (interactions between charged particles)
  • Buoyancy (when objects are overlapping a liquid)


All simulations include configuration panels to change the properties of the system.

Version 0.04

Built-in simulations:

  • Pendulum
  • Solar system
  • Coulomb's Law
  • Charge particles in an electric field

Version 0.02

These simulations were built on a custom graphics/world engine and may not have been ported to WorldEngine, yet. (They are still available on the downloads page.)

  • Gravity
  • Collision detection
  • Buoyancy
  • A sandbox to mix collisions, velocity, mass, and/or gravity.
  • Piston: a "piston" interacting with tiny particles (a "gas") in an enclosed container.


MIT license:

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