Tweak font and color scheme settings on the fly with the only Sublime Text plugin that wants to feel you!
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Tweak font and color scheme settings on the fly with the only Sublime Text plugin that wants to feel you!

This plugin is very much a work in progress, but if you'd like to mess around with it a bit you can clone the repository into your Sublime Text Packages directory (Packages/Fontofeelya) and run the following commands from the python console:

I have submitted Fontofeelya to Package Control and you can now access many of the commands via the command pallete (ctrl+shift+p) or via the context menu (right click menu) under Fontofeelya.

Font Commands

Adjust Font Size

`sublime.run_command('adjust_font_size', {'magn': 1})`

This is your basic font size adjustment command, accepting an optional magnitude. There is purposefully no minimum font size enforced for positive results and the incr/decr commands included do not scale as I've found the extra freedom/precision to come in handy. Fontopheliacs will most likely agree, I presume.

Select Font Size

`sublime.run_command('select_font_size', {'value': 22})

Select Antialias Type

`sublime.run_command('select_anti_alias', {'value': 'no_antialias'})`	

Both of the Select X commands display a quick panel which previews the selection when changed to provide a natural way of previewing the result.

Color Scheme Commands

Foreground to Background Glow

`sublime.run_command('fgbg_glow', {'magn': 14})`

This will produce effects similar to my Bubububububad... color schemes by automatically applying a slightly opaque background color to match any foreground colors not already configured. Accepts an optional magnitude which will be used for the background alpha, otherwise it will display a quick panel with percentages from 1 to 100% for the background alpha. Here is a screenshot applied to Tommorow-Night: FGBG Screenshot

Invert Colors


As expected, this will invert every color in the current color scheme. Although this tends to mess up error/invalid highlighting, the themes produced can be pretty awesome. Checkity check this screenshot, yo: Inverted Screenshot

Desaturate Colors


For those of you who hate colors or want to reduce a color scheme to grayscale values for another plugin/whatever can use this command. Inverted Screenshot

Adjust Brightness


New quick panel adjustment of brightness allowing preview of up to 50% brighter or darker colors. Similar to FgBg Glow, Font Size, and Anti-Alias selection panels

Brighten/Darken Colors

`sublime.run_command('brighten_colors', {'magn': 14})`
`sublime.run_command('darken_colors', {'magn': 90})`

Brighten or darken the current color scheme by a certain amount. Defaults to +/- 14, which is roughly a 5% increase or decrease. Screenshot below shows Katzen-Milch -> Brighten a few times -> Darken a few times Brighten Darken Screenshot

I'm currently merging lots of little plugins into this and will submit to Package Control / Sublime Forums when it's got proper menu/commands and the basic font adjustments added.


<3 Eibbor Srednuas