Interactive using Leaflet.js to visualize Bozeman, MT walkability
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Leaflet Bozeman walkability map

Interactive visualizing the distances to restaurants, stores, etc. in different parts of Bozeman.

Built on a repository template for d3.js data visulization projects, using gulp for workflow automation.


  • Usability testing from
  • Seems like Leaflet zoom is hanging on my iPhone 6 (otherwise, things run pretty smoothly). Or are icons are taking too long to load?
  • See to-dos in walk-map.js
  • Refactor for elegance before I forget how the code is put together


(in app/ directory, development folder)

  • index.html
  • js/walk-map.js - Primary JS file
  • js/d3-(several) - Portions of d3 4.0 library
  • js/leaflet.js - mapping library
  • css/viz-style.css - Map styling
  • css/bootstrap.css - Used for buttons / text
  • css/leaflet.css - CSS for Leaflet
  • css/leaflet-override.css - Hacky place for overriding Leaflet CSS I wanted to change
  • data/all-bzn-places.geojson - Data for map

node_modules directory contains modules for Gulp operation

Gulp command reference

Assumes Gulp command line interface is installed locally

$ npm install --global gulp-cli

Spinning up development server:

$ gulp

Calls gulp default function. Currently starts a development server and calls an automatic referesh on changes.

Building distribution files with minified js, etc.

$ gulp build

Builds contents of app/ into dist/, concatenating and minifying js and css into a single file.