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Robotlegs utility LasyMediator for better performance in games.

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Robotlegs utility LazyMediator for better performance in games.

How to use

  • Override the mediatorMap getter method in context to:
 return _mediatorMap || (_mediatorMap = new LazyMediatorMap(contextView, injector));
  • In the constructor of view classes add:
 new LazyMediatorActivator(this);

Why it

  • LazyMediatorMap don’t listen events of display list and check every added/removed view.

How it works

  • LazyMediatorActivator dispatchs LazyMediatorEvent when the view is added/removed from stage.
  • LazyMediatorMap listen to the LazyMediatorEvent from contextView then check the view.

Current version is compatible with Robotlegs v1.4.0+ because _active field (used in LazyMediatorMap) was removed there.

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