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Eiffel Protocol


Eiffel Protocol

This repository contains the Eiffel protocol vocabulary, descriptions, guides and schemas. For implementations, architecture and community resources, visit the Eiffel Community.

About this repository

The contents of this repository are licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

To get involved, please see Code of Conduct and contribution guidelines.

About Eiffel

This repository forms part of the Eiffel Community. Eiffel is a protocol for technology agnostic machine-to-machine communication in continuous integration and delivery pipelines, aimed at securing scalability, flexibility and traceability. Eiffel is based on the concept of decentralized real time messaging, both to drive the continuous integration and delivery system and to document it.

Visit Eiffel Community to get started and get involved.


  1. Introduction
    1. How to Propose Changes and Contribute
    2. Code of Conduct
  2. Eiffel Syntax and Usage
    1. Eiffel Glossary
    2. Event Design Guidelines
    3. Event Structure
    4. The Meta Object
    5. The Links Object
    6. Versioning
    7. Compositions and Validity Checking
    8. Security
  3. The Eiffel Vocabulary
    1. EiffelActivityTriggeredEvent (ActT)
    2. EiffelActivityCanceledEvent (ActC)
    3. EiffelActivityStartedEvent (ActS)
    4. EiffelActivityFinishedEvent (ActF)
    5. EiffelArtifactCreatedEvent (ArtC)
    6. EiffelArtifactPublishedEvent (ArtP)
    7. EiffelArtifactReusedEvent (ArtR)
    8. EiffelConfidenceLevelModifiedEvent (CLM)
    9. EiffelEnvironmentDefinedEvent (ED)
    10. EiffelCompositionDefinedEvent (CD)
    11. EiffelSourceChangeCreatedEvent (SCC)
    12. EiffelSourceChangeSubmittedEvent (SCS)
    13. EiffelFlowContextDefinedEvent (FCD)
    14. EiffelTestCaseTriggeredEvent (TCT)
    15. EiffelTestCaseCanceledEvent (TCC)
    16. EiffelTestCaseStartedEvent (TCS)
    17. EiffelTestCaseFinishedEvent (TCF)
    18. EiffelTestSuiteStartedEvent (TSS)
    19. EiffelTestSuiteFinishedEvent (TSF)
    20. EiffelIssueVerifiedEvent (IV)
    21. EiffelTestExecutionRecipeCollectionCreatedEvent (TERCC)
    22. EiffelAnnouncementPublishedEvent (AnnP)
    23. EiffelIssueDefinedEvent (ID)
  4. Usage Examples
    1. Confidence Level Joining
    2. Delivery Interface
    3. Build Avoidance
    4. Pipeline Monitoring
    5. Test Execution
    6. Reference Data Sets
      1. Default
  5. Customization
    1. Custom Events
    2. Custom Data
  6. Extensions
    1. Eiffel Operations Extension


The Eiffel framework vocabulary, descriptions, guides and schemas along with links to relevant implementation repositories.



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