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Eiffel Vici

Eiffel Vici

Eiffel Vici dynamically visualizes Eiffel events retrieved from an Eiffel Event Persistence Service. This affords overview and inspection of the software production system in real time, such as it really is, across underlying technologies.

To get started using Vici, see How to Run below.

About this repository

The contents of this repository are licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

To get involved, please see Code of Conduct and contribution guidelines.

About Eiffel

This repository forms part of the Eiffel Community. Eiffel is a protocol for technology agnostic machine-to-machine communication in continuous integration and delivery pipelines, aimed at securing scalability, flexibility and traceability. Eiffel is based on the concept of decentralized real time messaging, both to drive the continuous integration and delivery system and to document it.

Visit Eiffel Community to get started and get involved.

How to Run

During the development stage, please consider refreshing the app-webpage with clear cashe if something gets stuck and report the issue.

For the local dummy event repository to work, you have to extract src/assets/ into src/assets/reference-data-set.json. This is not required if you intend to use the dummy eiffel-event-repository.

To test your own set of eiffel-events, simply create a .json file that contains a list of eiffel-events and place it in the src/assets/ directory. When the app is running, add a new system with the url localFile[MY_FILE] where you replace MY_FILE with the actual file name (without .json). Example: src\main\resources\static\reference-data-set.json with url localFile[reference-data-set]

To run the app you need Java 8 and Maven installed.

Navigate to the repository root and execute one of the the following commands in the terminal.

mvn spring-boot:run

The Vici app will now run at

How to docker

To run Vici together with a separate dummy event repository docker container, go to:

  • Dockerfile is found at src\main\docker\Dockerfile
  • Docker image is created with the fabric8io/docker-maven-plugin with settings found in pom.xml.
  • Consider increasing the allowed memory usage for the docker container if the app is getting stuck.

1: To use the local built-in dummy event repository, make sure you have unzipped the reference-data-set.json file like in the "How to Run" section.

2: Build docker image:
Navigate to the repo root and use the following command: (requires 'mvn clean package')

mvn docker:build

The docker image should now appear in the list generated by:

docker images

3: Run docker image on : (if you are running docker-machine check IP with : docker-machine ip)

mvn docker:run


docker run --rm -p 8080:8080 -t --name vici vici-eiffel

The Vici app will now run at (if you are running docker-machine check IP with : docker-machine ip)

Common problems and fixes

Files and folders to delete if Vici is not starting or acting as it should after pulling/updating the project folder:

  • /node
  • /node_modules
  • /settings.json
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