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Activator showing how to use Spray Client to implement a streaming Twitter client
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Spray client, Akka and streaming tweets

Twitter streaming & simple sentiment analysis application. To build & run the plain-vanilla version of the application, run sbt run. Then you can type in the track command, which expects the Twitter search term to track. See for track filter.

Twitter application

Before you run the application, create the ~/.twitter/activator file, containing four lines; these lines represent your twitter consumer key and secret, followed by token value and token secret. To generate these values, head over to, create an application and add the appropriate lines to this file. An example ~/.twitter/activator is


Naturally, the you will need to replace the *s with the values in your consumer token and secret; and token value and secret.


Having added the file above, you can see the application "in action", by run sbt run in an ANSI terminal. Once running, type in track christmas, track daley, or anything else that tickles your fancy.

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