Library for monitoring the Typesafe stack-based applications.
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#Monitoring of stuff Build Status

Include one *-agent, create /META-INF/aop.xml that liststs the aspects to be weaved in. Include one of the *-output dependencies so that the aspects know how to send the metrics out.

No Maven dependecies between the agent and ouput. We may have output-api module, which defines some classes or interfaces that all output modules must implement. The agents and the outputs depend on the api.

##Example project

###Dependencies Add org.eigengo.monitor:akka-agent:0.1, org.eigengo.monitor:statsd-output:0.1.

###Configuration In your project (not the monitor), create:

/META-INF/aop.xml <- lists the aspects from akka-agent to be weaved in
/META-INF/monitor/agent.conf <- Typesafe config-style settings for the agent
/META-INF/monitor/statsd.conf <- Tyepsafe config-style settings for the output

Know the class name that will be used as output.

#Monitoring other stuff In Play, use org.eigengo.monitor:play-agent:0.1 with the desired output module.