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(ns anatomy.core
(:require [ :as csv]
(defn -main [& _]
(let [[hdr & rows]
(->> "muscle-structure.csv"
hdr (->> hdr
(map (comp #(.toLowerCase %)
#(clojure.string/replace % #"\s+" "-"))))
muscle-maps (clojure.walk/keywordize-keys
(for [r rows]
(->> r
(interleave hdr)
(apply hash-map))))
pfmt (comp println format)]
(doseq [{:keys [origin insertion overlaps name function overlapped-by]}
(pfmt "Function of %s\t%s" name function)
(pfmt "Muscle w/ function %s\t%s" function name)
(pfmt "Origin of %s\t%s" name origin)
(pfmt "Muscle with origin '%s'\t%s" origin name)
(pfmt "Insertion of %s\t%s" name insertion)
(pfmt "Muscle with insertion '%s'\t%s" insertion name)
(when (not= overlaps "None")
(pfmt "%s overlaps...\t%s" name overlaps)
(pfmt "%s are overlapped by...\t%s" overlaps name))
(when (not= overlapped-by "None")
(pfmt "%s is overlapped by...\t%s" name overlapped-by)
(pfmt "%s overlap...\t%s" overlapped-by name)))))