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(ns moarquil.render
This namespace provides functionality for rendering and user
interaction, based on the purely mathematical objects provided by
Most functions here are callbacks for the various Quil UI events.
See `` for the basics.
(:require [moarquil.geom :refer [content reset-content!]]
[moarquil.util :refer [with-style with-shape with-matrix]]
[quil.core :refer :all]))
;; General Quil drawing parameters.
(defn setup []
(fill 0)
(stroke 00))
;; Keep track of when we're dragging the mouse, so we can stop
;; animation at that time.
(def ^:private dragging (atom false))
;; Save and toggle the paused state so we can decide whether to move
;; the camera or not.
(def ^:private paused (atom false))
(defn toggle-paused [] (swap! paused not))
;; <em>Camera dynamics</em>
;; Store camera info, including current position and orientation.
(def ^:private camera-positions (atom {:points-to [0 0 0]
:theta 0
:phi 0
:r 1000}))
;; Camera is also moving with some initial theta, phi velocity.
(def ^:private velocity (atom [0.00002
(defn change-velocities-fractionally
Speed up or slow down the camera movement.
(let [[vth vph] @velocity]
(reset! velocity [(* vth f) (* vph f)])))
(defn update-camera-positions []
(when-not (or @paused @dragging)
(swap! camera-positions (fn [m]
(let [[vth vph] @velocity]
(-> m
(update :theta + vth)
(update :phi + vph)))))))
(defn update-camera-positions-continuously
Basically, we always want to update where the camera is, unless
we're dragging the mouse or the user has paused the movement.
(while true
(Thread/sleep 1)))
;; <em>Methods for drawing individual objects.</em>
(defn ^:private draw-planet
Draw individual planet as a sphere in space. Draw craters, but only
if display is not updating, since drawing them is slow.
[{:keys [r pos craters]}]
(fill 255)
(apply translate pos)
(sphere-detail 30)
(sphere r)))
(when (and @paused (not @dragging))
(stroke 80)
(doseq [c craters]
(doseq [p c]
(apply point p))))))
(defn ^:private draw-sphere [{:keys [value origin radius]}]
(fill value)
(sphere-detail 15)
(translate origin)
(sphere radius))))
(defn ^:private draw-ring [{:keys [pos r1 r2 dr rotx color points]}]
(apply translate pos)
(rotate-x rotx)
(doseq [p points]
(apply point p)))))
(defn ^:private draw-spiral [l]
(stroke 150)
(doseq [p (:points l)]
(stroke-weight (min 0.1 (- (/ (last p) 300))))
(apply line p))))
(defn ^:private draw-text [l]
(apply (partial text (:txt l))
(:pos l)))
;; Initially, all objects are visible.
(def ^:private to-render (atom {:spirals true
:text true
:spheres true
:planets true
:rings true}))
(defmacro deftoggle
Handle toggle-able objects. This got fairly repetetive so I
replaced the repeated boilerplate with this macro.
(let [fn-name (->> name (str "toggle-") symbol)
kw (keyword name)]
`(defn ~fn-name [] (swap! to-render update ~kw not))))
(deftoggle spirals)
(deftoggle text)
(deftoggle spheres)
(deftoggle planets)
(deftoggle rings)
(defn render
Render all available objects, dispatching on object type.
(doseq [{type_ :type :as l} objects]
(and (= type_ :spiral)
(:spirals @to-render))
(draw-spiral l)
(and (= type_ :text)
(:text @to-render))
(draw-text l)
(and (= type_ :sphere)
(:spheres @to-render))
(draw-sphere l)
(and (= type_ :ring)
(:rings @to-render))
(draw-ring l)
(and (= type_ :planet)
(:planets @to-render))
(draw-planet l))))
(defn key-press
Handle any keys pressed; mostly for toggling things on and off.
(condp = (raw-key)
\r (toggle-rings)
\s (toggle-spheres)
\p (toggle-planets)
\t (toggle-text)
\q (toggle-spirals)
\R (reset-content!)
\+ (change-velocities-fractionally 1.1)
\- (change-velocities-fractionally 0.9)
\space (toggle-paused)
(println "Unknown key"))
(catch Throwable t
(prn t))))
(defn draw
Based on camera position, show the current view. Current snapshot
of existing objects in the world is provided from the `geom`
namespace via the `content` function.
(background 220)
(let [theta (:theta @camera-positions)
phi (:phi @camera-positions)
r (:r @camera-positions)]
(camera (* r (Math/cos phi) (Math/sin theta))
(* r (Math/sin phi) (Math/sin theta))
(* r (Math/cos theta))
0 0 0
0 1 1))
(render (content)))
(defn mouse-dragged
Move the camera around when the mouse is dragged and mouse button pressed.
(reset! dragging true)
(let [delx (- (mouse-x)
mdx (/ delx 3)
dely (- (pmouse-y)
mdy (/ dely 3)]
(swap! camera-positions update :phi - (radians mdx))
(swap! camera-positions update :theta + (radians mdy))))
(defn mouse-pressed [] (reset! dragging true))
(defn mouse-released [] (reset! dragging false))
(defn mouse-wheel
Zoom in and out when mouse wheel moves.
(reset! dragging true)
(future (Thread/sleep 1000)
(reset! dragging false))
(swap! camera-positions update :r #(max 1 (+ % (* 3 amount)))))