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Delete your tweet history

Twitforget uses the Twitter API to delete your tweet history.


You need to authorise the app with a Twitter access token for your Twitter account. Follow the instructions here:

Add the access token to a configuration file, (defaults to ~/.twitrc) like this:

token = <token>
token_key = <token_key>
con_secret = <con_secret>
con_secret_key = <con_secret_key>

How it works

twitforget fetches a list of your tweet history, and deletes all but your last n tweets. You can tell twitforget how many tweets to keep using the -k flag.

If you just want to test things without actually deleting any tweets, use the --dryrun flag.


Twitforget has a limitation imposed by Twitter: Twitter only lets you see your last 3200 tweets, so if you've tweeted more than that, you can't delete tweets earlier than that unless you can somehow find their tweet id.

This means that tweets older than your last 3200 tweets cannot be deleted by twitforget, but if you set up a regular schedule of deleting tweets, you can keep your tweet history from getting any bigger.

Verified Users

If you're a verified user, it appears you can see more of your own history than a non-verified user, so twitforget can delete more of your history.

The tweetcache

twitforget stores your tweet history in a SQLlite database stored by default in your home directory in ~/.tweetcache.db.

The idea is that you cache tweets in case something goes wrong as you fetch tens (or hundreds) of thousands of tweets the first time. We figured that if Twitter only lets you grab the last 3200 tweets, if you deleted a block of, say, 500 tweets from within that 3200, then the start of the 3200 tweet window would go further back in time, to earlier tweets. You'd thus be able to look up those earlier tweets ids, and delete them.

In that way, we could gradually work our way backwards through your tweetstream until we'd deleted all the tweets.

Alas, it doesn't seem to work that way for unverified users. It does work for verified users.

Twitter seems to keep track of deleted tweets in some way (possibly related to Politwoops) and includes them in the history count. The 3200 tweet limit thus seems to apply to all tweets you sent, including any deleted ones.

That's a drag, because it means we can't figure out a way for you to go back in time and delete your own tweets from early on in your Twitter stream, unless you kept a record of your tweet IDs as you sent them.

twitforget can help you from now on, by storing your tweet history, but you'll only be able to delete earlier tweets if you get verified or the API changes to permit unverified users from seeing back further into their own timeline.