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EigTool is a MATLAB program for computing the pseudospectra and related quantities of dense and sparse matrices. A graphical user interface allows for the easy computation of eigenvalues, eigenvectors, pseudsopectra, the field of values, and related scalar quantities (e.g., pseudospectral abscissa and radius). The code may also be executed in command-line mode for easy generation of figures for papers and presentations.

EigTool was developed by Thomas G. Wright at Oxford University in 2002 (with codes for the pseudospectral abscissa and radius developed by Emre Mengi, Michael Overton, and colleagues).

Since 2002 the code has been occasionally updated to maintain functionality with new MATLAB releases.

We welcome additions from the community, ranging from improvements to the interface, to new features, to improved algorithms.


EigTool is open MATLAB software for analyzing eigenvalues, pseudospectra, and related spectral properties of matrices.



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