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PlantUML Extension

This extension for publet adds a plantuml macro to markdown. It translates your plantuml diagrams to images.


PlantUML uses Graphviz for rendering some diagrams. Please see plantuml's documentation site here.

You should install graphviz on your system. For example, with Debian:

apt-get install graphviz


Use plantuml diagrams in your markdown files:

Alice -> Bob: Authentication Request
Bob --> Alice: Authentication Response

results in

Everything between the known @startuml / @enduml is handed to plantuml. The image is stored in the local filesystem and the code is replaced by the corresponding html image tag.

The image files are reused and recreated only, if the source changes.


To escape from generating images from plantuml sources, use @startuml: (just append a colon). In this case the source code is rendered as is -- without the colon.

You can wrap it in a <pre/> element easily by appending two colons -- @startuml::.


The extension caches the created images in a temporary directory on the server. To avoid endless growth, it is restricted by default to a maximum size of 50 MiB. You can change this limit in the configuration file:


The disk size can be specified as a plain number, in which case the unit Byte is assumed. Otherwise, one of the following units can be used: Bytes, KiB, MiB, and GiB.

If the size limit is reached, files are removed automatically.