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wicket quickstart osgi

This is a minimalistic project that shows the wicket-quickstart application in action together with OSGi and spring-dm.


The project was originally created using pax then modified to make it more simple.

All dependencies listed in the pom.xml of provision project are deployed to the OSGi container. The wicket-quickstart project contains the wicket application, wich is also deployed to the OSGi container.


Compile the project using maven mvn clean install. Then everything can be fired up using mvn pax:provision


The wicket quickstart application is available from: http://localhost:8080/wicket-quickstart

There are two UIs available:

  1. felix web console: http://localhost:8080/system/console (login is admin/admin)
  2. felix shell (help shows a list of commands, felix:lb lists all bundles)
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