Iteratively solves the Colebrook formula for the Darcy-Weisbach friction factor
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This script will iteratively solve the Colebrook equation for the
Darcy friction factor. Read more about it here:

Call this script from the command line like this:
./colebrook.m Re d epsilon

'Re' is the Reynolds number, 'epsilon' is the roughness height in
millimeters, a characteristic of the pipe material that you can
probably look up in published tables, depending on your
requirements. 'd' is the pipe diameter in millimeters.

Try this:

./colebrook.m 25300 25.4 0.002;

This would represent a flow with Reynolds number 25300 in a 1-inch
diameter smooth plastic pipe, for example.

This is very crudely done; for instance, 10 iterations is simply
assumed to yield precise-enough results. Modify as needed. Attribution
not necessary. Your mileage may vary.