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Merge pull request #19 from depassp/patch-1

Fix syntax for auto-enumerated list item
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commit 8b4a27521f0f0a9d9cc98ca595487a2e9da0103b 2 parents e99c044 + 6a05a21
Jacob Kaplan-Moss authored

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  1. 2  chapter02.rst
2  chapter02.rst
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@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ To grab the latest Django, follow these steps:
149 149
150 150
    The resulting output should include your ``site-packages`` directory.
151 151
-#  Within the ``site-packages`` directory, create a file called
+#. Within the ``site-packages`` directory, create a file called
153 153
    ``djmaster.pth`` and edit it to contain the full path to your ``djmaster``
154 154
    directory to it. For example, the file could just contain this line::
155 155

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