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Tetris tribute project
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Tetris tribute

This project's first version was completed in June 2013. Later in 2016, I updated the SDL library and functions up to version 2.0 without modifying the original project structure to be as faithful to the source as possible. This basically means that the code is improvable, and also that sound was not included in the revision (may be as well a good reason to retake this project in a near future).

It has been programed with no IDE under Linux Ubuntu 14.02, and the source code does not include the SDL libraries needed to be compiled correctly. What is in fact included, however, is all the art resources due to its reduced weight.

In the realeases tab there is a Windows executable if you wish to skip the compiling / converting the project process.

License: MIT
Author: Jorge Soriano // eikur


  • Up : Rotate the falling piece / select option in Title screen
  • Down : Drop the falling piece / select option in Title screen
  • Left / Right : Move the falling piece left or right
  • P: Pause button / confirm an option in Title screen
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