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* Build
- Win32
* Paths
- Bezier paths
- import bezier paths from Inkscape
- import polyline path waypoints from Tiled map editor
* Easing
- stepped retro tween easing
* Tween Types
- angle from/to angle + clockwise/anti
- groups sequential and parallel, maybe overload + and *
- shake rattling tween- shakes object violently
- sprite animation, sprite opacity
- move by not move to
- rotate/skew/stretch with transform matrix tween
- one time tick tween, like timer
- delay tween, there just for delaying until completion event
- add spawner non-linear ease
- seeker direct target should be weak ref and add target dead event
- some way to get int tween to clamp when floored for sprite tweens,
add clamp arg to int tween and probably round arg
* Proxy decorators
- SDLx::Rect proxy for 2D paths
- face angle for path tweens
- add/remove to/from grid cell on move
* Timeline
- elastic speed of time, FFW/REW, seek progress
- add pause/resume
- before/after tween delay
- allow speed instead of duration
- animated role keeps list of animations
- or maybe as a trait on a moose attribute, which makes it
* Demos
- theatrical demo with parallel and sequenced tweens
- shape tweening with lots of particls
- rain
- text typing demo
- add fading trails to easing demo
* Safety
- should warn if start/stop tween with destroyed timeline?
- float setters should check for int targets and upgrade SV
- if you upgrade targets of direct proxy to string
(e.g. by Data::Dumpering it) you will never see
tween updates. Maybe Devel::Peek it and warn?
- solve tween tick destroying tweens issue, multiple tweeners
is no solution
* Refactor
- template specialization on proxies not method overloading
- specialize templates for FLOORED in linear tween form
- refactor mess in tween factory
- move to smart pointer
* Performance
- share polyline paths
- pool tweens
* Accuracy
- add spawner skipped waves feature
- throw away passing around times, instead cache tick time
in clock