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A simple Webpack setup for writing Elm apps:

  • Dev server with live reloading, HMR
  • Support for CSS/SCSS (with Autoprefixer), image assets
  • Bootstrap 3.3+ (Sass version)
  • Bundling and minification for deployment
  • Basic app scaffold, using Html.beginnerProgram
  • A snippet of example code to get you started!


Clone this repo into a new project folder, e.g. my-elm-project:

git clone my-elm-project
cd my-elm-project

Re-initialize the project folder as your own repo:

rm -rf .git         # on Windows: rmdir .git /s /q
git init
git add .
git commit -m 'first commit'

Install all dependencies using the handy reinstall script:

npm run reinstall

This does a clean (re)install of all npm and elm packages, plus a global elm install.

Serve locally:

npm start
  • Access app at http://localhost:8080/
  • Get coding! The entry point file is src/elm/Main.elm
  • Browser will refresh automatically on any file changes..

Build & bundle for prod:

npm run build
  • Files are saved into the /dist folder
  • To check it, open dist/index.html


Ver 0.8.5

  • Fix loading path of generated js file, per Issue 47

Ver 0.8.4

  • Fix hot reloading of components, per Issue 44

Ver 0.8.3

  • Update packages
  • Attempt to fix path issues when building for prod (temp)

Ver 0.8.2

  • Webpack config improvements (PR by Lesuk)

Ver 0.8.0

  • Update to Elm 0.18, use debug=true on webpack loader (PR by douglascorrea)
  • Add a script for one-step installs
  • Update to latest packages

Ver 0.7.1

Ver 0.7.0

  • Modify project structure, per Issue 26
  • Include Bootstrap JS, per Issue 28
  • More helpful install steps in README, per Issue 29
  • Update to latest packages

Ver 0.6.2

  • Use copy-webpack-plugin instead of cp to copy files (Windows compatible)

Ver 0.6.0

  • elm-hot-loader is back (no Elm code changes required!)
  • Switch to bootstrap-sass to demo CSS

Ver 0.5.0

  • Update to Elm 0.17.0 (and other latest modules)
  • Upgrade starter code per upgrade-docs
  • Remove elm-hot-loader (for now)

Ver 0.4.0

Ver 0.3.0

  • Use html-webpack-plugin to generate index.html
  • Apply hash filenames for bundled JS and CSS (prevents caching)
  • Image and favicon assets copied to dist/


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