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A .NET library to generate images of guitar chords.
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Merge pull request #3 from psifidotos/twoDigitFrets

fixes javascipt bug in parsing frets.

Chord Image Generator

Chord Image Generator is a small .NET library to generate images of guitar chords. It can display chord boxes, starting frets, barred chords, fingerings and open and muted strings.

Image of a D Chord Image of a A Chord Image of a A Chord

There is a small example website at where you can try different chords and see how they are constructed. But basically it is just done by constructing the right url of the form /chordname/fret-positions/fingerings/size . E.g. the chords above are the following urls:

There is nothing web specific about the actual image generation. It can be saved to any stream so you could just as easily use it in a desktop application.

The source is licensed under the GPL. You are also free to link directly to, although I give no guarantees about uptime or reliability.

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