The server code that runs
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The server software that runs Thanks to Chibi and all the original contributors!

The original is below but I think it's out of date. Just look through the code. PRs, cleanup & new features all welcome; I'm working very slowly on a total rewrite just for my own satisfaction so probably won't be making any major changes to this code any time soon.


A textboard environment implemented in Python. At the moment it is a script meant to be run server-side by a user connecting to that server using ssh. It hopes to be configurable and secure.

How to Install / Dependencies

Please read docs/sshchan-deployment.txt for a full guide on setting up a functional, safe chan.

git clone sshchan
cd sshchan

That should set up the basic chan for you. From there, read the documentation docs/ for more admin stuff.

gui status

GUI will require urwid module, which is a third-party module. It can be obtained from


The script helps you to configure the server. Run that and type h at the command prompt to get some help.


  • Working urwid GUI
  • Wordfilters
  • Reports, banning and warnings
  • File uploads via one of the pomf clones with shortened links added to post contents
  • Secure admin authentication (via GPG)

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