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  • Python Software Foundation and - IronPython Team for creating and maintaining such a powerful language.
  • Jetbrains PyCharm Team for the best IDE ever and support of open-source projects! PyCharm is a python IDE but is truly the best I have ever worked with. Jetbrains team truely knows how to make effective and user friendly software. Jetbrains provides free license to their pyCharm IDE for open-source projects and that's how I got to use pyCharm for pyRevit development. I ended up using more as my main text editor but had a great time using pyCharm for may years.
  • Daren Thomas (original version, maintainer of RevitPythonShell) for creating RPS and helping me.
  • Gui Talarico for creating the amazing RevitPythonWrapper Library and also for testing and new tool ideas and contributing python scripts to the library.
  • RevitAPIDocs for making it much easier for me to develop pyRevit on my own macOS. I had troubles using the old-school chm doc files.
  • Jeremy Tammik (creator and maintainer of RevitLookup) for publishing about pyRevit and moral support! :D
  • Icons8 for the beautiful icons.
  • EMOJIOne for the free emoji icons that are very appropriately named by their unicode numbers.
  • Charts.js for making it so simple to integrate beautiful and interactive charts with pyRevit output window.
  • Linus Torvalds and Junio C Hamano for git and for being my beacon.
  • git-scm for the open source, portable git for windows.
  • LibGit2Sharp for the open source git library for C# which I'm also using in IronPython.
  • Github and Atom team for an amazing cloud git platform and the best text/code editor ever!
  • GitKraken team for their powerful and free git GUI which helped me tremendously.
  • Bitbucket for their powerful cloud git platform especially the free private repositories.
  • Neil Reilly for the handy introduction and installation video.
  • ThubanPDX. For testing and new ideas for tools and scripts.
  • Markdown module for python for the module obviously that helped bringing markdown to pyRevit output so much easier.
  • Everyone that is listed on the pyRevit issue tracker for their contributions and bug reports.
  • Everyone that is listed on the pyRevit Pull Requests for their contributions.

You all help me make pyRevit better every day.

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