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Session middleware for v1.x;


var socketSessions = require('');
var io = require('')(3000);
io.use( socketSessions() );

Using connect-redis for our session store.

var session = require('express-session');
var RedisStore = require('connect-redis')(session);
var sessionStore = new RedisStore();
var cookieParser = require('cookie-parser');
var socketHandshake = require('');

var io = require('')(3000);
io.use(socketHandshake({store: sessionStore, key:'sid', secret:'secret', parser:cookieParser()}));

To access the session data.

io.on('connection' function (sock) {
  if (! {
    sock.emit('get name');
  sock.on('set nama', function (name) { = name;;

Installation and Environment Setup

Install node.js (See download and install instructions here:

Clone this repository

> git clone

cd into the directory and install the dependencies

> cd
> npm install && npm shrinkwrap --dev

Running Tests

Install coffee-script

> npm install coffee-script -g

Tests are run using grunt. You must first globally install the grunt-cli with npm.

> sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

Unit Tests

To run the tests, just run grunt

> grunt spec


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