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A small library for compiling code quotations using the F# compiler service. Its primary functionality is transforming quotation trees to untyped ASTs used by the F# compiler. Since code is generated using the F# compiler proper, the end result is fully efficient and optimized.

Package available on NuGet.


#r "QuotationCompiler.dll"

open QuotationCompiler

let hello : unit -> unit = QuotationCompiler.ToFunc <@ printfn "Hello, world!" @>

hello ()


As can be expected, performance exceeds all other quotation evaluation libraries. Here is a benchmark for a tail recursive algorithm:

let sqrt (x : float) =
    let epsilon = 1e-10
    let rec approximate (y : float) =
        let y' = (y + x / y) / 2.
        if abs (y - y') < epsilon then y'
            approximate y'

    approximate x
Library Compilation time (cold) Compilation time (warm)
Native N/A N/A
Unquote 00:00:00.055 00:00:00.000
FSharp.Quotations.Evaluator 00:00:00.405 00:00:00.003
QuotationCompiler 00:00:05.068 00:00:00.161

Executing the compiled functions 10^6 times produced the following results:

Library Execution time GC gen0,1,2
Native 00:00:00.053 0,0,0
Unquote 00:01:46.675 9598,12,1
FSharp.Quotations.Evaluator 00:00:00.087 15,0,0
QuotationCompiler 00:00:00.053 0,0,0


The library currently has a few limitations

  • No support for dynamic assemblies. Quotations inherently belong to the runtime and ASTs are inherently static. It is impossible to compile quotations that reference types/code defined in F# interactive.
  • F# metadata issues. Things may break when referencing generic values, extension methods or CompiledName types.

Build Status

Head (branch master), Build & Unit tests

  • Windows/.NET Build status
  • Mac OS X/Mono 3.10 Build Status